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The benefits of using social clauses in your procurement Rachel Honey-Jones i2i

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1 The benefits of using social clauses in your procurement Rachel Honey-Jones i2i

2 i2i Arms length from Welsh Government 100% funded by Welsh Government Managed by CIH Cymru Free advice and support role Working in the space between Government and the sector to: –Support the housing sector to reach Welsh Housing Quality Standard –Maximise benefits of housing and regeneration spend across Wales – Deliver innovative procurement projects across Wales

3 What if every £1m delivered…..? What would you say ? At least….. 1 new job and training opportunity For those long-term employed For Local People At no additional cost Invest in Local Businesses


5 WHY? Create vibrant & sustainable communities Build community capacity & resources Stimulate creation of jobs and lock £ into local areas Removing barriers to winning work

6 Welsh Government commitment ‘We must …promote the i2i model across not only the Welsh Government but across the public sector as a whole. It is a shining example of what can be done to harness the wider benefits of contracts, resulting in local unemployed adults and young people having the opportunity to receive training and work experience, which is essential to be able to compete in today's jobs market’ Huw Lewis AM, Minister for Housing, Regeneration & Heritage, December 2011 ‘with constrained budgets, we can box clever or we can hang our heads and say that Government will do less…i2i is a good example of boxing clever to ensure procurement delivers for local communities. It is a great model that could be applied to all Ministerial portfolios’ Huw Lewis AM, Minister for Housing, Regeneration & Heritage, October 2011

7 3 years on…? 2581 job and training opportunities across Wales Conditions of Welsh Government Grants Social Housing Grant – expectation of grant Not just construction! Corporate approach What’s your policy?

8 Aims and Objectives for organisations wanting to deliver community benefits Value for money Customer satisfaction and Involvement Job Creation / Apprentices Community benefits Opportunity for Sub contractors Improve local environment

9 Both toolkits advocate using CORE Requirement clauses Client Contractor Support Agency Community CAN DO Toolkit

10 It’s not just about jobs… “99% of all Welsh businesses are SMEs, however only 16% of the total value of public sector contracts go to SMEs” (Federation of Small Businesses)

11 SME-Friendly Procurement Offers practical and clear guidance to public sector buyers and social landlords on maximising supply-chain opportunities through their contracts. “Common sense” guide

12 Informing potential bidders / contacting the client Issue / check for a procurement guide/ contact details of support when contracts are out Websites Local advertising Meet the Buyer events Sell2Wales

13 Some thoughts… WELFARE REFORM!! EU directive (Dec 2011) SME development Social enterprise development

14 Support for the Sector from i2i Face to face brainstorming meetings with clients per contract – what can be achieved, what to expect? Support throughout the tender process including marking tenders Training on the principles of the toolkit Meet the Buyer / Client events so they know what is expected! Meet with contractors on contract awarded Engage stakeholders Signpost to relevant agencies On going support as required

15 Diolch yn fawr! Thank you! Contact 0750 735 1906 Follow us on Twitter! Dilynwch ni ar Twitter! @i2icymru

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