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The Jobs Strategy in Edinburgh - doing it our way, while working with multi-level government and mixed messages about localism Matthew Crighton, Jobs Strategy.

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1 The Jobs Strategy in Edinburgh - doing it our way, while working with multi-level government and mixed messages about localism Matthew Crighton, Jobs Strategy Manager, Capital City Partnership

2 Labour market policy in Scotland – multi-level governance UK Government : Employment Policy; Department of Work and Pensions – payments of benefits, Jobcentres, New Deals, employment law The Scottish Government : Education and Skills – universities, further education colleges, apprenticeships, careers advice and guidance (Skills Development Scotland). Funding from UK govt. Local Authorities : Schools, Community Planning, local employability partnerships (most funding comes from Scottish Government)

3 Some trends in UK policy Broadening the target population from the unemployed to the economically inactive Increasing conditionality More partnership working Centralisation Devolution and localisation Marketisation Tightening budgets

4 Localisation vs Centralisation in the UK Department of Work and Pensions : Local delivery through Jobcentres but District Managers have little discretion; national targets Employment programmes shifted to national management The Scottish Government and Local Authorities : Community Planning requires the setting of local targets by local authorities and other partners and the creation of a plan to achieve them. Local Authorities in England A different, more complex, and changing relationship.

5 A Localisation Experiment by DWP Cities Strategy Pathfinders:- To test how to combine the work of government agencies, local government and private and voluntary sectors in a partnership (or 'consortium') Whether local stakeholders can deliver more by combining and aligning their efforts behind shared priorities, alongside more freedom to innovate, and tailor services in response to local needs In Scotland:- Complemented by Workforce Plus policy

6 A Localisation Experiment by DWP The experience of Cities Strategy Pathfinders from 2007: Positive benefits of working together locally. Developed capacity for partnership working. A more joined-up response to local needs Limited progress on spending money together Some involvement in commissioning by DWP The promised flexibilities did not happen Main barriers to more progress: Policy inconsistency at national level Fragmentation and lack of flexibility in funding streams Silo thinking Other barriers.....


8 Joined Up For Jobs, Edinburgh's Jobs Strategy Launched in 2002 A partnership initiated by the City of Edinburgh Council and involving the main public sector agencies concerned with unemployment and the Chamber of Commerce. Capital City Partnership is the organisation which co- ordinates. 'Demand-led, Client-focused and Joined-up' When it became a City Strategy Pathfinder the colleges and the health board joined as well. Agreed targets (within Community Planning), a development plan; and now an Operational Plan.

9 JOINED UP FOR JOBS Infrastructure for joined-up working Strategy Targets Joint investment Joint MI Operational Plan Joint delivery projects


11 Website

12 Directory of organisations & services

13 Electronic Noticeboard

14 Communications Partnership Forum: Open to all providers Meets every two months

15 Caselink – MI and caseloading system

16 Customer Charter THE CHARTER PROMISEWHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU We will ensure that our service is accessible to all eligible jobseekers. Our offices are accessible and our services free to jobseekers. Your access to some programmes may depend on how long youve been unemployed or where you live – we will give you guidance on this. We will provide a professional and responsive service to employers. Our organisation supports the Joined Up For Jobs offer of free services to employers. Our staff are trained to respond quickly and efficiently to enquiries and will assist employers to access the most appropriate service for their needs. We will ensure that customers have up to date and relevant information. We will help customers access the information they need, including job vacancies, training and educational opportunities, and services of statutory agencies such as Jobcentre Plus and Careers Scotland. We aim to provide the most appropriate services to each customers needs. We will provide advice, assessment and will agree an action plan with you which will help you achieve your objectives. Other specialist services may also be available. If we cannot provide a service that customers need, we will refer them to an organisation that can. The Joined Up For Jobs network includes more than 80 employability organisations, many of which provide community-based or specialist services. We will ensure that you can access the service best suited for your needs. With your permission, we will share your information with other organisations which can support you. We will engage with customers to ensure that our services are of a high standard and meet customer needs. Customer satisfaction is important to us. We seek comments on the quality of our services, and use customer feedback to inform the development of our services. We will respect customers right to privacy. Our staff adhere to highest standards of professional practice. We provide private space for confidential interviews and will keep your information secure. If we refer you to another agency, we will seek your written permission to share your information.

17 The Changing Landscape for Welfare to Work The Work Programme replacing (almost) all other DWP/JCP programmes Shifting people from IB to ESA and JSA The Coalition Governments plans to reform welfare benefits – the Universal Credit High (rising?) unemployment and reduced spending

18 The Work Programme Overview (from DWP) Termination of FND, Pathways and P2W contracts An integrated, personalised welfare-to-work programme for a range of client groups Contracted out, almost all funding for additional sustained outcomes Differential prices based on customer group Two year programme with continuing provider support and payments Other features of WP: Black box contracting Prime contractors bidding for large geographical areas Two primes (plus sub-contractors) in each area

19 Concluding remarks Doing it our way, while working with multi-level government and mixed messages about localism Within the DWP's commissioning, actual devolution of decisions to prime contractors has replaced the plan to devolve decisions to local partnerships. Local partnerships will need to work with prime contractors and their delivery networks. Greater discretion for JCP District Managers is also planned. It will be interesting to see what happens....

20 Any questions? Matthew Crighton 0131 270 6042

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