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Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award

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1 Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award
Simple guides for junior students on how to submit entry online

2 Quick run down of the steps
Understand the Rules and Conditions. Download the Project Details File template. Work on the project, build prototype, take photo, complete Project Details File. Online Submission: Fill up the online form. Attach Project Details File. Check Form. Submit. Take down the Entry Submission Number and we will be in touch with you via .

3 Quick run down of the steps
Understand the Rules and Conditions Click here to read the Rules and Conditions If you are below 13 years old on 31 December 2010, join Junior Student. If you plan to form a team, maximum team size is 3.

4 Download the Project Details File template
Click here to download template for Junior Student Section.

5 Work on the project Build prototype, take photo, create Project Details File (with template provided). when you insert picture in the Project Details File, your picture can be compressed to make the file size small. Click here to lean how you can compress your photo.

6 Online Submission : Have you completed your Project Details File?
You will need that when you do your online submission. When you are ready, click here to go online for filing your Junior Student entry.

7 Online Submission – On first screen
School Level Click Primary School. Grouping Click Individual if you work alone. If you are participating as a team, click Team and select the Number of Members in Team. Click [Start Filing Entry].

8 Online Submission School Particulars of Teacher-In-Charge
Select the name of your school. Particulars of Teacher-In-Charge This section is for teacher filing on behalf of the student. If you are filing on your own, you may skip this section.

9 Online Submission Particular of Inventor
Fill up all the fields marked with the red “*”. If you have selected Team under Grouping of the previous screen, this form will have same set of fields for all the team members. You must fill up the particular for all members in the team.

10 Online Submission The Invention
Fill up the Title of Invention. The title should be the same as what you stated in the Project Details File. Select Sub-Category of Invention. If you have selected Others, type your category in the right text box. Please try to select the category we have provided. Click on [More Help] to learn on how you may upload you Project Details File.

11 Online Submission Check Form
Click [Check Form] to check if every things is in order. After clicked on [Check Form], double check on all fields you have entered. If you need to make modification, click on [Re-Edit] and you can make changes to the fields entered before. When you are done with the changes, click on [Check Form] again.

12 Online Submission Successful screen
Upon successful submission, you should see a screen as shown. Take down the Entry Submission Number for future reference.

13 Online Submission Online Submission completed
At this point, your online submission has been successfully completed. We could appreciate if you could click on [File Feedback] to give us your feedback. You may also click on [Back to Submission Home] if you have more than one project to file.

14 Online Submission Feedback Form
Please give us your feedback by answering all the questions. It will only take you less than five minutes. When you are done with all the selection, click on [Submit Feedback].

15 Online Submission Thank you for your feedback
In this final screen, you may click on [Back to Submission Home] to file for more entry or click on [Close the window] to close the browser.

16 Online Submission Email correspondence
Check your mail box.You should receive an with the Entry Submission Number from If you did not receive an from us. check if it is in your junk mail box. Otherwise, the above ID to let us know and quote your Entry Submission Number. We will the short listing results in February 2011.

17 Online Submission Project Video File
If you have a project video file, you may as an attachment to Please include the subject as: TKKYIA2011 Project Video File for YOUR ENTRY SUBMISSION NUMBER. Your video file should be less than 3mins. The file size should be less than 10MB. We only accept WMV format for this year.

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