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Graduation Forum ETSU Office of the Registrar Graduation Office.

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1 Graduation Forum ETSU Office of the Registrar Graduation Office

2 2. Degree Audit – Holds on GoldLink 3. E-mail to Student /Advisor (Goldmail) 8 STEPS TOWARD A DIPLOMA Approved Incomplete 4a. Complete remaining courses/other requirements 4b. Register for remaining courses/Submit Changes and Substitutions 5. Clear up Holds – Maintain GPA – Pass Courses 6. GRADUATE ! 7a. Degree Posted on GoldLink 7b. Degree Not Posted (Pending) 8. Contact Graduation Office to update Graduation Term

3 Step 1: Submit Graduation Paperwork Turn in both the Intent to Graduate & Major/Minor Sheets or signed Degree Works audit by the deadline Spring 2014 – September 9, 2013 Summer 2014 – January 30, 2014 Fall 2014 – June 16, 2014 (two terms prior to expected graduation term)

4 Submit Graduation Paperwork (cont’d) Intent to Graduate Forms are submitted online Students in 2011-2012 catalog and after may submit their signed Degree Works Audit as Major or Minor sheets Intent Forms will only be reviewed with Major/Minor sheets or Degree Works Audit Relevant signatures are required (Advisor/Chair & Student)

5 * Please check with your department to see if they have already prepared Major/Minor sheets *Second Degree Bachelor Students can obtain contract in Admissions.

6 Degree Works Log onto GoldLink and click Degree Works to track your progress towards your degree

7 Use Your Signed Degree Works Audit in Place of Your Major/Minor sheet

8 Step 2: Evaluation - Holds General Education Certain majors require particular General Education courses Writing, Oral, and Technology intensive requirements 4 Writing (2 in Major/Minor) (2 at 3000/4000 level) 2 Oral (1 in Major/Minor) 1 Technology (in Major/Minor) ½ Intensives will apply for transfer students with 50 or more earned hours Degree/Major/Minor requirements Double degrees/majors must meet the General Education requirements of both degrees/majors GPA Requirements Overall, ETSU, Major, Minor Some greater than 2.00 Check catalog for specifics

9 California Critical Thinking Skills Test University Testing Center is on the first floor of the Sherrod Library University Testing Center: 439-6708 Most undergraduate students MUST take the exam unless: You have already taken the California Critical Thinking Skills Test You are seeking your second degree (or can verify completion of an equivalent exam at a TBR approved school) You are registered with Disability Services English is not your primary language (must be verified) This hold will be removed once the results have been uploaded into our system Major Field Test Only certain majors require a field test – dept will notify students of this requirement Graduation Office receives notification once this test has been completed CSCI 1100: Using Information Technology Complete the course or take the proficiency exam Professional Education requirements Student teaching must be included for certification

10 Total Hours 50 hours at Senior Institution (4 year school) At least 25% of program of study hours must be taken at ETSU All UG degrees require AT LEAST 120 hours (excluding developmental studies courses) Repeating Courses Second Attempt: Second grade will override better or worse Third Attempt: Third grade will override better or worse Fourth Attempt: Third grade and beyond will be averaged toward GPA

11 Graduation holds DO NOT affect registration.

12 Step 3: E-mail to Student and Advisor Notification will be emailed to your Goldmail account and to your advisor Dropped classes, Substitutions, and repeats may affect the final outcome of this audit One of two e-mails: INCOMPLETE APPROVED Review for Accuracy Reply to your analyst with questions

13 Approved – Do not alter schedule – On track for graduation – still may have holds Incomplete – Submit Substitution Forms Online / Paper / E-mail from Advisor – Register for needed courses – Update expected graduation term

14 Successfully complete current courses Commencement Ceremony and program will reflect your previous semester’s GPA and honors recognition Your diploma will reflect your final semester’s GPA and honors recognition Resolve final holds Graduation Celebration (March 18) Pick up Cap & Gown 2 weeks prior in Records Office or at Celebration Order Invitations Unlimited Guests – disability accommodations available at Graduation Rehearsal Ring Ceremony – sponsored Alumni Office Verify your name for accuracy online in the Graduation Program Proof Will be sent to your Goldmail address

15 STEP 6: Graduation Ceremony Rehearsal – Friday before commencement at the same time as the ceremony Check Website for updated breakdown Free online streaming availableExample 10 AM2 PM Arts and SciencesBusiness and Technology Public HealthClinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences EducationContinuing Studies Biomedical SciencesPharmacy Nursing

16 Step 7: Degree Posted Degrees will be posted about one week after final grades are submitted. Diplomas will be available for pick up in the Graduation Office approximately 10 business days after degrees are conferred. Diplomas not picked up within 4 weeks for students who live outside of a 30 mile radius of ETSU will be mailed. Remember to update your mailing address and phone number on GoldLink!

17 STEP 8: If Your Degree is not awarded– Update Your Graduation Term Once you submit paperwork for a specific term, registration is blocked for future terms DO NOT resubmit everything: Contact the Graduation Office and ask for your expected graduation term to be updated Start back over with step 2 Call us at 423-439-6822 for assistance

18 Graduation Analysts (through Spring 2014) Michelle Lamb Accounting Allied Health Clinical/Rehab Health Digital Media Economics Finance Interior Design Management Marketing Public Health Nursing Wendy Sutherland Computer Science Education Engineering Technology Mass Communication Communication Studies Survey/Mapping Theater Billie Lancaster Continuing Studies

19 Graduation Analysts (through Spring 2014) Bobbie Wood Anthropology Art Biology Bluegrass Chemistry Criminal Justice English Geography Geology History International Affairs Language Math Music Philosophy Physics Political Science Psychology Social Work Sociology Women’s Studies

20 Graduation Analysts Check our website for updates! Analysts for Summer 2014 graduates may change

21 Reverse Transfer Students who transferred to ETSU from Walters State Community College or Northeast State Community College Must have earned at least 60 credit hours at ETSU Must have earned at least 15 hours at Walters State Community College or 20 hours at Northeast State Technical Community College Can have transcripts sent back to WSCC or NESTCC to be evaluated for an Associate Degree Contact the Registrar’s Office for more information

22 Step 9: Complete an On-line Graduation Survey Visit the Graduation homepage and click the Graduation Survey link

23 Useful Links Online Intent to Graduate: Graduation Celebration: Senior Exit Exam: Invitations: Graduation Ceremony:

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