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Timesheets and Payroll

2 Payroll Contacts
Toyna Holman, OMES Payroll Team Lead – Carol Fletcher, Payroll Specialist – John Funderburk, Payroll Specialist – Lyndsey States, Payroll Specialist – Kathy Haney-Crabb, Payroll Manager –

3 Objectives Positive Entry, Positive Pay Timesheet Entry Deadlines
Sign In and Navigation Timesheet Overview Time Period Time Reporting Codes (TRC) Reported Time Status Leave Balances Report and Submit Time Work Hours Reporting Leave Hours Reporting Submitting Time Inputting Comments Reporting Projects Manager Approval

4 Positive Entry, Positive Pay
All hours for the pay period must be reported in Timesheet in order to be paid Hours Worked Holidays Leave Always enter your actual hours worked

5 Timesheet Entry Deadlines
Weekly entries – ALL OMES EMPLOYEES and SUPERVISORS Timesheet entries for the previous week should be entered no later than the close of business every Monday. Supervisors should verify and approve the Timesheet entries from the previous week for their employees no later than noon every Tuesday. DAILY TIMESHEET ENTRY– ALL EMPLOYEES Efforts to enter hours daily in Timesheet is appreciated and encouraged!

6 Timesheet Entry Deadlines
4/15/2017 Timesheet Entry Deadlines TIMESHEET LOCKOUT Employees may only add, change or delete entries for five days after the pay period ends Supervisors may add, change or delete entries for 30 days after the pay period ends In the event an employee needs their Timesheet updated after five days, the supervisor will need to update Timesheet for them Payroll begins processing on Thursday immediately following the end of the pay period

7 Signing Into the System
Call the OMES Help Desk to activate your Self Service Account OMES Help Desk Phone Numbers: or (Toll Free)  Open your Internet web browser – Explorer Enter Self Service Link: You may see a security alert message; click to proceed.  The PeopleSoft sign-in page will appear:

8 Timesheet Overview Navigation: Self Service > Time Reporting > Report Time

9 Timesheet Overview Timesheet View: Day Time Period Week

10 Timesheet Overview Time Reporting Codes: Regular Work Hours
Holiday Hours Leave Hours

11 Timesheet Overview Reported Time Status: Needs Approval Approved
Deny Selected – (Do Not Use)

12 Timesheet Overview Leave Balances: Annual and Sick
Balances are updated instantly when leave hours are submitted Comp Time Balances are updated after Time Administration is processed for approved time (OMES payroll process)

13 Report and Submit Time Work Hour Reporting Time Reporting Codes:
REGHR for full time salary employees HREG for part-time hourly employees

14 Report and Submit Time Leave Hours Reporting
Each Time Reporting Code requires a separate row. To add a new row, scroll to the right of the screen and click on the (+) sign.

15 Report and Submit Time Leave Hours Reporting
Holiday hours are required to be entered on timesheet to pay If you work on a holiday, enter the hours worked using REGHR Time Reporting Code. For hours worked less than eight (8), enter the number of hours worked AND holiday hours to complete the eight-hour work day. For eight (8) hours worked or over, do not enter any holiday hours, just hours worked. ** OMES Payroll Unit will enter up to eight (8) holiday hours accrued for employees who work on the holiday **

16 Report and Submit Time Submit Time After verifying that the information on your timesheet is correct, simply click the SUBMIT button to submit your time. Note: Time for the previous week must be submitted by close of business Monday

17 Report and Submit Time Inputting Comments
You or your supervisor may enter Comments once the entries have been submitted by clicking on the Comment “bubble” under Reported Time Status. Once saved, the comments cannot be deleted.

18 Report and Submit Time Frequently Used Time Reporting Codes:
ADMPD – Administrative Leave ADMPP – Accrued Administrative Leave Taken (Essential Employees Only from banked hours) ADMWK – Administrative Leave days worked (Essential Employees Only to bank hours for use later) ANLVP – Annual Leave Taken AWOLP – Unauthorized Leave Without Pay CTPT – Compensatory Time Taken ENFLP – Enforced Leave Taken HOLCP – Holiday Comp Time Taken (earned for use when hours are worked on a holiday) HOLPP – Regularly Scheduled Holiday Hours HREG – Work Hours (Hourly Employees) JURYE – Jury Duty (must have summons) LWPHM – Military Leave Without Pay LWPHW – Authorized Leave Without Pay OJC – On-call hours (requires supervisor authorization) REGHR – Regular hours worked SCKPP – Sick Leave Taken

19 4/15/2017 Reporting Projects Certain ISD employees are required to report hours worked on various projects. Your supervisor will inform you if you must report projects and which Project IDs, Activity IDs and Resource Categories you will use.

20 Manager Approval Approve Timesheet
Timesheet must be approved in order for payroll to process Navigation to access Approval screen: Manager Self Service > Time Management > Report Time > Timesheet To view employees, simply click “Get employees”. The list of employees will populate at the bottom of the screen for you to select from.

21 Manager Approval To Approve Time:
Step 1: Review employees hours for accuracy Step 2: Click on the Select checkbox to the left of the dates with time to be approved or click “Select All” to approve all time. Step 3: Click the “Approved Selected” button.

22 Manager Approval Deny Selected:
If the hours are denied, the employee will not be paid. In the event of a discrepancy, discuss with employee and change the hours as necessary Follow steps to approve once corrected


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