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Skivvies  A cotton t-shirt and shorts you wear under clothes.

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2 Skivvies  A cotton t-shirt and shorts you wear under clothes

3 Factory production line

4 To prod  To cause to move, to poke  Every morning my mom has to prod me to get out of bed.

5 Horse pliers

6 Dog tags

7 To inscribe  To write, print, mark, or engrave

8 Calisthenics  Exercises to develop physical health

9 To stow  To put in the right place  Please stow away your cell phones before the test.

10 Chaplain  A person who says the prayer for an organization such as a military unit

11 Pinup

12 Lana Turner

13 Riding the range

14 To draw notice  To draw attention  To make people see by doing something out of the ordinary


16 RifleGun

17 Boot  Soldier just out of boot camp

18 Tough  Strong, can overcome hardship

19 Happy-go-lucky  Happy, worried about nothing

20 To goof off  To waste time to have fun  Tiffany goofed off when she was supposed to be completing her study questions.

21 WAC  Women’s Army Corps  Female soldier platoons

22 Green-pea guy

23 GI  A noun to describe the soldiers of the U.S Army and the airmen of the U.S. Army Air Forces  G.I. Government Issue

24 Crawling through obstacle courses

25 Scuttlebutt  Rumor, gossip  Talk or stories that may not be true

26 To react  To act in response  Noun: reaction  Some people react to stress by eating junk food.

27 To be court-martialed  Court martial: a military court  To be court-martialed: to be tried by a court martial

28 To dismiss  To allow (a person) to go or leave  The teacher never dismisses the class early; we always have to wait until the bell rings.

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