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Simple Past Tense (과거형)

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1 Simple Past Tense (과거형)
Lesson 6 Simple Past Tense (과거형)

2 Review Download the review game online to practice with partners

3 Overview This is what we’ll talk about today: Vocabulary
Past tense of be Pronunciation: Reduced /t/ in wasn’t and weren’t Talking about things in the past Class survey

4 Warm up When was the last time one of these things happened to you?
You missed an important test Your mom yelled at you You got a stain on your new clothes You were doing something embarrassing and didn’t know anyone was looking You dropped something important in the toilet Talk about it! When did it happen? Where were you? Who were you with? What did you do? Did anyone notice?

5 Vocabulary Everything went my way It was amazing I was early
I knew my way around My cell phone worked perfectly The line was short/ there was no line The bus was empty It was smooth sailing (there were no problems) Nothing went my way It was terrible I was late I was lost My cell phone didn’t work The line was too long/ there was a huge line The bus was packed/ crowded Traffic was awful

6 Use it! Tell your partner about… Your sleep last night
Was it amazing? Terrible? Typical? The bus ride to school Was it empty? Crowded? Why you were late/ early/ on time for class Was it smooth sailing? Was the traffic awful?

7 Past tense of be I was really happy They were there
He was waiting for me You were really bad We were inside the whole time How do you say the negative form of the above sentences? I wasn’t really happy They weren’t there He wasn’t waiting for me You weren’t really bad We weren’t inside the whole time

8 Try it Take turns asking and answering questions from page 38, #3. Give reasons for your answer. Example Sam: Were you in class yesterday? Alex: No, I wasn’t. It was a weekend! Additional Questions Were you at school yesterday? Where was your mother/ father at breakfast? Was I in your dream last night?

9 Before and after (mixing it up)
Knowing how to say how you have gotten better is a good skill to have. It is in many interview questions, and it helps keep you focused. Think of 3-5 ways you have changed since middle school. How were you then? How are you now? Example I was really short. Now I’m just short. I wasn’t a good student in middle school, but now I am.

10 Class Survey Turn to page 41 Get up and fill out the survey!

11 Review Quiz Give me 3 vocabulary terms from today
Say the following in the negative form: I was happy She was very shy They were all right How do you say these casually (reduced)? We weren’t there He wasn’t at home What is your home work?

12 Homework Chapter 6-7 online

13 That’s all! Go Home

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