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Ingrid Bongers MT(ASCP) MBA eClinicalWorks Certified Trainer

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1 Ingrid Bongers MT(ASCP) MBA eClinicalWorks Certified Trainer
eBO Overview Part 2 Ingrid Bongers MT(ASCP) MBA eClinicalWorks Certified Trainer

2 Canned Reports Day Sheet 11.01
Default date is current date but may use Custom to change Ctrl+click can be used to select multiples % is the wild card (if you only enter % you get a list of all) If no users are selected the report pulls all users

3 Canned Reports Financial Reports – 3
Financial Analysis at Claim level – 36.04 Recommended because grouping will not distort data Financial Analysis by Provider At claim level with year to year Financial Analysis at CPT Level

4 Canned Reports Very Important
CPT and ICD-9 groups for Registry will affect eBO Select canned reports that disregard groups Use ‘without group’ Metadata when creating new reports

5 Canned Reports Financial Reports – 3 (cont’d)
Financial Analysis at CPT level (No group & No Resource Provider) Administrative Reports – 4 Productivity – 40.06 Has time tracking Population Reports – 41 Active Patient Info – 41.01 Looks at encounter ID (appointments or Telephone Encounters) New Patient Report – 41.07 Looks at the New Patient check box in appointment window Zip Code Analysis by Appointment

6 Improving Usability of Reports
Copy a canned report and paste in desired folder (we recommend using the Custom Reports folder) Click Properties icon General tab Rename Relocate to another folder Report View tab Check the ‘Override the default values’ box Select alternate format (such as PDF) Click ‘Set’ under PDF options Change paper size or orientation Can add a password requirement to open the report Click ‘Set’ under Prompt values Can set defaults Can uncheck the ‘prompt for values’ box so the defaults can’t be changed when running the report Permissions Add security

7 Exercise Set your personal settings and home page
Customize a canned report Copy and save to ‘My Folders’ Rename the report and create a screen tip Customize the report view Change the output format Change the defaults Run your new report

8 Query Studio - Glossary
Name Space EMR Reporting Financial Reporting Data Dictionary Can’t combine elements from different name spaces in Query Studio Category Patient Name Patient Account Subjects Sometimes there are subcategories

9 Query Studio - Glossary
Data Item (subject) Subjects Measure value almost always a number Date / Time If you right click on an item and select ‘information’ it will tell you about the data type

10 Query Studio - Glossary
Patient count – is unique patients Visit count – is encounters (one patient may be in more than one time) Delete flag = 0 means show only those that have not been deleted IDs are assigned by the system in the background and are used in Report Studio to join queries

11 Query Studio - Glossary
Units count – within a CPT, like for injections CPT count – the number of times a CPT code was used Data Dictionary – lists, no reporting value Recommended Categories for Financial Reporting Claim Transaction CPT Level (without Group) Always use Aging for all A/R reports

12 Query Studio Launch Query Studio Select the package
Currently using v5 The Insert Data window opens Select a Name Space

13 Query Studio Click on the + to expand the tree fully
Drag and drop the desired items into the window and watch the report build

14 Query Studio Exercise Create a simple query
EMR Reporting Name Space Facility Group Facility Providers Visit Count Click on Title and change the name to Visit Count Report Save to My Folders


16 Query Studio Grouping Cross tabs (pivot)
Always group first, then do % or Σ Always group left to right Highlight left column, click on Group icon If click on 2nd column and group it will consolidate that list Cross tabs (pivot) Highlight column and it will create column headers with the items from the columns For cross tabs to work the query has to have at least one measure

17 Query Studio Section Unsection Swap Rows and Columns
Splits apart by the column you click on, typically the first group will serve as a section Swap Rows and Columns Switches row and column headers Collapse Group Expand Group If a group is collapsed only the groups will show (everything under the group will be hidden from view until the group is expanded)

18 Query Studio Exercise Open the Visit Count query you created earlier
Create a Group Create a Cross Tab Add Sections


20 Query Studio Exercise Un-section the report Swap the Rows and Columns
And collapse the Group Edit Data

21 Rows and Columns Switched

22 Groups Collapsed

23 OCHIN Practice Services
Contact Information OCHIN Practice Services Ingrid Bongers 707 SW Washington Street Suite 1200 • Portland OR • Phone • Fax: •

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