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A Proposed Model for GV Express October 2008 GREEN version.

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1 A Proposed Model for GV Express October 2008 GREEN version

2 Introduction – Design Elements This model combines primary design elements from 3 applications: Salesforce: sort-able, searchable lists with filtered views, resource frame, collapsible sections Certain Registration: familiar workflow, horizontal tab navigation RegOnline: calendar views, horizontal tab navigation

3 Salesforce searchable lists with filtered views

4 Salesforce collapsible resource frame

5 Salesforce collapsible sections

6 Certain Registration familiar workflows

7 Certain Registration horizontal tab navigation

8 RegOnline calendar view

9 RegOnline horizontal tab navigation

10 The Green Model

11 This proposed model was based on Salesforce, Certain Registration, and RegOnline because they are some of the most familiar software applications to business customers – and thus the new product will be easy to learn and easy to use. Let’s start by logging in….

12 Use Case: Joe Foster works for Harvard University and is the Administrator of Account One. Certain Express

13 To log in, each user must enter a pre-existing user name and password. If Joe forgets his username and/or password, all he has to do is click the Help icon (which is always located in the top right corner).

14 For security purposes, Certain Express will send the user a temporary password, if needed.

15 Start Page Based on the user name entered, Certain Express will know what to display on-screen. For instance, which organization the user belongs to, what links to include in the header, and what records initially show. In this instance, the Events List for the Alumni Events folder shows, as Joe has previously picked this as his Start page (by clicking the gold star “on”).

16 The Header The system knows that Joe Foster is the Administrator of this Harvard group and/or division. Clicking the name link displayed in the header will show the user’s contact information or profile (not pictured). Administrators have permissions that are not available to other users. For instance, when Joe logs in there is an Administration link to a section of the application that is off-limits to non-Admins (not pictured). There is also a link to the Certain Support site and a link to log out.

17 The Header To customize the look of the application, each organization can insert a logo in the header.

18 Start Page Variations A default Start page could show primary navigation options as icons to help the user pick between event folders and CE course folders. A folder and an event must be selected before event details can be displayed.

19 The Toolbar Up to 18 buttons can show on the toolbar at one time. A different number of buttons (and possibly different buttons) will show when the user is “outside an event” than when the user is “in an event.”

20 The Toolbar Some users might find the button icons distracting or unnecessary. At any time, the user can click the toggle to hide or show the button icons.

21 The Toolbar This is how the screen looks with the button icons hidden.

22 The List Each primary navigation button is associated with a list of sortable records. Up to 25 records can show onscreen at once. If there are more than 10 rows of records, an alpha- numeric-character Rolodex feature will show above the list to help the user sort the records. If there are more than 25 records, a Previous and Next link will show on the bottom of the list. Using a list, the user with appropriate permissions can add, copy, view/edit, and delete records.

23 The List Each list can be filtered using the selections in the View drop-down box. For instance, the default selection might be View All and other view options might be View Events, or View CE Courses, or View All Active, or View All Testing, etc.

24 The List Each list can be searched by making an entry in the Search box and clicking Go.

25 Other View Options Some users might like to view events in arranged on an annual calendar.

26 Other View Options Hovering over an event could provide basic details. Clicking a month could magnify the view (see next slides).



29 Other View Options If users can build their own To-Lists (as proposed), it might be useful for them to view events arranged by these checklists ---so that they can quickly select the event that needs to be worked on.

30 Selecting a Record When an record in the Event List is selected: the Event shows in the header additional buttons show on the toolbar icons that were inactive become active, if appropriate the selected row is highlighted

31 Help Clicking the Help icon will open the Resources Frame so that the user can immediately get pertinent information about the screen he or she is working on.

32 Resource Frame In addition to Help Files, the Resource Frame could contain Recent Items (a list of links), an easy-to-configure To Do List, Favorites (a list of links), and other useful resources.

33 To Do List Creating a simple To Do list could be as easy as inserting a checkbox and corresponding text box in the to do list resource frame and adding any text. Entries could be dragged into the desired sequence. The list could be manually updated for reminder purposes only – it doesn’t have to be linked to a workflow in the application.

34 The List A user with the appropriate permissions can add records to the list. To create a new record, the user clicks the Add icon. This opens a new data-entry tab. When the data is submitted, the new record shows on the list.

35 The List A user with the appropriate permissions can also Copy, Edit, and Delete records using the corresponding icons. If the action cannot be taken, these icons are grayed-out (for instance, if no record is selected, nothing can be copied, edited, or deleted. Not all records can be copied, but for those that can be, clicking the Copy icon will open a data entry screen mostly filled in, excerpt that the new record will not have a name. Clicking the View/Edit icon will display the selected record in its entirety. Clicking the Delete icon displays a Confirm Delete message box.

36 Participants Once an event is selected, the user can view lists of event-specific records, such as participants.

37 Add Participant Data entry fields are grouped in sections. Most sections can be expanded or collapsed. If no information is entered in a section it will be collapsed the next time this screen shows. To save the user time, Copy links are provided where appropriate.

38 Add Participant Because Speaker was selected (a Speaker is a type of Participant), more data needs to be added to this record In this instance, the Add Record button changes to a Next button, and an additional tab for Speaker Info shows (see next slide).


40 Participants Once the record was added, the user would return to the list (new record not pictured).

41 Review

42 The Green model includes: sort-able, searchable lists with filtered views, a resource frame, familiar workflow, horizontal tab navigation, collapsible sections, and calendar views.

43 The End

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