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Ingrid Bongers MT(ASCP) MBA eClinicalWorks Certified Trainer

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1 Ingrid Bongers MT(ASCP) MBA eClinicalWorks Certified Trainer
OCHIN Practice Services Training & Optimization Services for eClinicalWorks Ingrid Bongers MT(ASCP) MBA eClinicalWorks Certified Trainer

2 Training New Staff New Provider New Administrator
Advanced training for staff Advanced training for providers Advanced training for Billing Reports training (eBO) Meaningful Use Projects

3 Training New Staff Saves office staff time by covering basic navigation in eCW so staff spends their time on workflow training Eliminates the dilution that comes from having new staff trained by those trained on the job Incorporates updates in the software that may have been overlooked by existing staff

4 Training New Provider Existing providers busy with patient load
Existing providers are generally biased in how they do things (they have a pre-defined path of how they use the system) Clinical staff may not have the knowledge to help new providers

5 Training New Provider cont’d
Incorporates current functionality in the system which may not be utilized by existing providers Create specialized work flows tailored to the new provider Evaluate and suggest features best suited to the new provider’s needs Assist in creating specialized templates

6 Training New Administrator Overview of the entire system
Introduction of newer functionality that may not be in use in the practice (or available uninstalled upgrades) System Administration Super User training if applicable How to oversee staff and provider operations where things may fall through the cracks

7 Training Advanced Training for Staff
Enhance internal resources by creating Super Users within the practice

8 Training Advanced Training for Providers
Increase expertise in areas where they have interest Improve areas where they are struggling Implement new functionality or new services

9 Training Advanced Training for Billers
Explain where information pulls from in billing set up How the system is designed to flow Enhanced billing functionality 5010 Special features Rules Engine Case Manager

10 Training Reports eBO eBO Viewer eBO as a replacement for APL Reports
Canned Reports Customizing settings and reports Query Studio Reports Studio

11 Training Meaningful Use Set up and mapping of older databases
How to implement ‘meaningful’ workflows Using the MAQ Dashboard Troubleshooting missed thresholds Staying ahead of the next stage

12 Training Projects Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)
Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) Rural Health Clinic (RHC) set up

13 IT Assessment New eCW Installations Evaluate existing hardware
Evaluate existing network Provide a document of devices and network requirements necessary for eCW go live

14 Existing eCW Installations
IT Assessment Existing eCW Installations Evaluate on site server configuration Increase eCW performance Evaluate back up configuration Provide Recommendations &/or make changes

15 Existing eCW Installations
IT Assessment Existing eCW Installations Evaluate practice network configuration Troubleshoot network connectivity issues (hosted) Internet bandwidth Internet connectivity issues Troubleshoot performance issues Wireless access point placement Competing wireless networks Provide recommendations and work with practice IT to resolve

16 Existing eCW Installations
IT Assessment Existing eCW Installations Evaluate hardware set up Desk top and mobile device Scanners Identify issues Antivirus software Permissions Provide recommendations and work with practice IT to resolve

17 Optimization Shadowing Workflow analysis Written report
Individual recommendations Practice wide recommendations Plan for implementation

18 Optimization Shadowing Front desk Provider and clinical staff Check in
Copay collection Scheduling Provider and clinical staff Follow along as they see patients

19 Optimization Shadowing Lab & Diagnostic Imaging
Test ordering Compendium management In house testing Results management Outstanding test management Authorizations Referrals & Authorizations Incoming Outgoing

20 Optimization Shadowing Meaningful Use Check Out Billing
Documenting for the MAQ Dashboard Mapping Check Out Visit Summary Next appointment scheduling Billing Charges Claims submission Claims follow up

21 Optimization Billing Statements Accounts Management
Collections (in house)

22 Optimization Workflow analysis Evaluation of why processes exist
Does it do something significant Is it a slip back to a previous (more comfortable process)?

23 Optimization Written Report Individual observations and suggestion
Quick, click saving suggestions, may be made during shadowing Practice wide observations and suggestions System wide processes Suggested changes Suggested priority of changes with rationale

24 Optimization Observations and suggestions
Addressed with administration Not all process changes are workable within a given practice Alternatives discussed and evaluated

25 Optimization Plan for Implementing changes
Desired changes prioritized by administration Determination is made for what kind of help is needed or wanted Time frames defined and changes are rolled out

26 EMR is a journey not a destination….
Optimization Are we there yet? EMR is a journey not a destination….

27 OCHIN Practice Services
Contact Information Sales Laurie Coleman OCHIN Practice Services Ingrid Bongers 707 SW Washington Street Suite 1200 • Portland OR • Phone • Fax: •

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