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Chapter 8 Market Revolution Section 5 The Age of Jackson.

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1 Chapter 8 Market Revolution Section 5 The Age of Jackson

2 Jackson as President O Jackson’s support came from new, less-wealthy voters because any white male could vote O For many years elected gov’t officials gave their friends and supporters jobs – this was called patronage O Jackson dismissed more than 200 Presidential appointees and nearly 2,000 officeholders with Jacksonian Democrats O Jackson called this the spoils system, in this case the spoils, or loot, were jobs for party supporters

3 Jackson as President O Jackson feared the power of the federal gov’t O He used his veto power to reject federal activity as much as possible. He rejected more acts of Congress than six previous Presidents combined

4 The Tariff O Prior to Jackson the Tariff of 1828, a heavy tax on imports to discourage foreign imports and encourage American manufacturing, was passed by Congress O The tariff benefited the North but forced the South to pay more for their manufactured goods O The Tariff made SC declare that states had the right to judge when the federal gov’t had exceeded it authority and it could nullify or rejected federal laws they thought were unconstitutional

5 The Tariff O After the passage of another tariff SC declared the tariffs “null, void and no law, nor binding upon this State, it officers or citizens” O The state threatened to secede, or withdraw from the Union if its nullification wasn’t respected O At Jackson’s urging Congress passed the Force Bill, which required SC to collect the tariff or Jackson would send troops to enforce the law O A compromise was reached that reduced some of the import duties and SC canceled its nullification act.

6 The Bank War O Jackson thought the Bank of the US was a “monster” and was controlled by wealthy easterners who did nothing for the west O He refused to extend a new charter to the bank because he did not like the practices of their loans O He vetoed the bank and won the election of 1832 by a landslide

7 Jackson’s Successors O Jackson backed Martin Van Buren for president in 1836 but set him up for failure O After shutting down the Bank of the US, Jackson started withdrawing federal funds and putting them in “pet banks” O They printed and lent $ recklessly, as a result Jackson declared the feds would only accept gold and silver as payment O This helped create the Panic of 1837 and limited Van Buren to one term O He lost to William Henry Harrison who was replaced by Zack Tyler after his death.

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