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ICC CHW Team Building Activity. Project Proposal Objectives – To develop a sense of unity and camaraderie among the CHWs of Brgy. Ilugin – To let the.

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1 ICC CHW Team Building Activity

2 Project Proposal Objectives – To develop a sense of unity and camaraderie among the CHWs of Brgy. Ilugin – To let the CHWs understand the importance of good communication skills and teamwork – To motivate the CHWs into continuing to serve their community – To allow the CHWs to have fun and be given recognition for their efforts

3 Rationale CHWs are the critical success factors of ICC Need to be efficient in working with each other and with the community Team building activities can: – Help them improve communication skills with each other – Motivate them to work as a team – Learn more about their strengths and weaknesses – Make the workplace more enjoyable

4 Activities Obstacle Course/Relay – Paper Maze – Nutrition Quiz – Egg Toss – Puzzle “Jing-Ilugin” “Vidyuhin Ilugin”

5 Obstacle Course/Relay Each station of the obstacle course puts emphasis on a specific skill or trait that the CHWs need to master, either individually or as a group, in order to win the game. Each skill or trait is essential to a CHW’s role in helping promote the importance of good health care in the community.

6 Paper Maze CHWs need to navigate through a web-like obstacle course of crepe paper. Trait: Teamwork (the team must overcome the weaknesses of other members through their other members’ strengths); Self-discipline (the maze must not be rushed for it to be successfully accomplished)

7 Nutrition Quiz Team members are given 10 nutrition-related questions to answer; they must answer 6/10 in order to proceed. Skill: Basic knowledge or background about nutrition (important for the upcoming nutrition month, as CHWs will also be responsible for educating parents about the importance of good nutrition)

8 Egg Toss Each CHW pair from the team tosses an egg back and forth to one another, moving farther apart with each subsequent toss. They must catch the egg on all occasions. Trait: Trust in their partner

9 Puzzle CHWs are given pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that spell out a message. They must assemble the puzzle to be able to read the message, which they should shout upon completion. Trait: Teamwork (all members of the group must work together to get the puzzle pieces to fit in the correct positions)

10 “Jing-Ilugin” Jingle-making contest CHWs must come up with an original, short nutrition-related jingle with accompanying choreography. If appropriate, the winning jingle will be used as promotional material for the upcoming Nutrition Month activity.

11 “Jing-Ilugin” CHWs need to understand the concept of good nutrition so that they can also pass on this knowledge to other members of the community. Giving the CHWs a sense of ownership over the nutrition jingle may empower them to be more active in promoting proper nutrition.

12 “Vidyuhin Ilugin” Video presentation that chronicles the activities of the CHWs, clerks, residents, consultants, and members of the community during the ComPeds rotation. Also serves as a “thank you” message or acknowledgment of all the efforts the CHWs put into helping the community.

13 Includes: – Thank you messages from consultants & residents – Thank you messages from current and previous clerks – Thank you messages from members of the community – Pictures/videos of CHWs doing their everyday tasks in the community center

14 Project Outcome By the end of the activity, the CHWs are expected to: – Understand the importance of unity and teamwork in accomplishing set goals – Have some basic knowledge about what constitutes proper nutrition – Receive recognition for their efforts in helping the community

15 Evaluation Tool Feedback from participants/consultants/residents – Highlights of the activity – Possible areas of improvement – Suggestions/recommendations for future activities

16 “Jing-Ilugin” Entry #1 1. GO at GROW 3. Leron, leron, sintaKailangan ang tubig Puno ng vitaminaWalong baso araw-araw Kanin, patatas, mais, atPara tayo ay laging malakas Gatas, pagdating sa duloHealthy food! Tinapay at butter nuts 2. GLOW Kangkong, malunggay Kalabasa at talong May kasamang prutas Pampakinis ng balat

17 “Jing-Ilugin” Entry #2 Sabi ni nanay kumain ng gulay Sabi ko naman para saan ang gulay Pampaganda ng kulay pampahabang buhay, Sagot ni nanay. Makulay samahan pa ng itlog Pampasigla ng buhay Karne at manok ay ligaya kong tunay Kasiyahan kong tunay, paksiw at gulay.

18 Resources Materials for team building activity – Crepe paper- Polvoron – Masking tape- Manila paper – Scissors- Food and drinks – Eggs – Plastic bags – Bond paper – Cardboard – Pentel pens/markers

19 Timeline 11-Jun12-Jun13-Jun14-Jun15-Jun16-Jun Vidyuhin Ilugin Gather materials Compile pictures and videos Obstacle Course Gather materials Set up logistics Jing-IluginGive contest mechanics

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