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2011-2012 Our team: CHAMBLAIN Nicolas ENJOLRAS Manon HEBREARD Clément SOULIE Fabien.

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1 2011-2012 Our team: CHAMBLAIN Nicolas ENJOLRAS Manon HEBREARD Clément SOULIE Fabien

2 1. Management tools 2. Experimentation 3. What is a learning team? 4. Prospects Feedback 2

3  Blazon  Learning Type  Belbin’s Test  MBTI 3

4  Weakness  Strengths  Trust 41. Management tools

5  Use our differences to go in the same direction 51. Management tools

6  0 Plant  3 Team Worker  All Monitor Evaluator 61. Management tools

7 3 different profiles:  ISTP  ISTJ  ISFJ 71. Management tools

8  Clear objectives  Trustworthy environment 81. Management tools

9  Objectives  Activities  Tools  Difficulties 9

10  Individual objectives Spontaneous and fluent for oral expression Correction of a text in English. Fabien Spontaneous and fluent for oral expression Nicolas Spontaneous and fluent for oral expression Writing of a professional text. Clément Professional conversation Without preparation Manon 102. Experimentation

11  Team’s objective To Make a complete project session in English 112. Experimentation

12  Action plan Comprehension Text reading and video listening Several topics: management, SME, skills sharing Document research, contextualization Writing Several part of the report: writing and correction Team working Intermediary report Short sessions in English Management exercices Progress of the project 122. Experimentation

13 Web sites: Mindtools, Videojug, Linguee, Larousse Dictionary Language passport, TOEIC Personal knowledge and experiences 132. Experimentation

14  Motivation  Rushed period  At the end of a session,  At the beginning of the year Solution: Playfulness and confidence  Learn to know each other and to work together.  Create an environment of trust  Use the game like a driving force 142. Experimentation

15  Efficiency Need to see that we progress Need to see that the activities are useful Need to be efficient Solution: Organization and evaluation  Feedbacks after the activities  Conversation about the feelings  Planning of the activities 152. Experimentation

16  Risk  Afraid of the loss of valuable time  Difficulties to join English and the project Solution: Tries and teamwork  Risk is both a curb and a driving force  Notion of challenge  Try it and adopt it 162. Experimentation

17 This year in general terms: 172. Experimentation

18 18

19 Finally add a concept of challenge and a hint of risk (Be careful, not to much! ) To finish, let it cook for one year. Don’t forget to evaluate and to keep an eye regularly on the cooking process Enjoy your meal! 193. What is a learning team?

20 Some needs to learn in efficient way:  Motivation, team trust and self trust  Time management  Risk management  Considering stress management 204. Prospects

21 Lead a learning team by:  Using “language passport” idea as a self evaluation  Being aware of team expectations  Listening the team  Asking for feedback about learning way 214. Prospects

22 REVIEW / FEELINGS Group’s dynamic as motor for learning Put individualities and personal barriers in the background. Group activities are not individual activities × 4 Learning related to project It was not seen as a learning. Individual learning at the service of the group: experts assigned to specified topics. Work by tests, experiments To know the tasks adaptable to English 22Feedback

23 WAYS OF IMPROVEMENT Strengthen and upgrade the English responsible role Work in collaboration with the team leader. Better adapt activities and their intensity Activities evolution clearer. Impact on the group’s motivation. Generally, establishment of monitoring indicators 23Feedback

24 24

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