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East Midlands NHS Carbon Reduction Project Dr Ian Campbell GP, Notts. Chair East Midlands NHS Carbon Reduction Project.

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1 East Midlands NHS Carbon Reduction Project Dr Ian Campbell GP, Notts. Chair East Midlands NHS Carbon Reduction Project

2 To identify and reduce the carbon equivalent footprint of the NHS East Midlands in line with national targets. Phase 1- Nottingham Energy Partnership commissioned to identify baseline carbon equivalent footprint

3 What is the Carbon Equivalent emissions produced by the NHS in the East Midlands? Phase 1 report: - midlands/innovation-in-practice/regional-innovation-fund-projects-2009- 10/identifying-and-reducing-the-regional-carbon-footprint-of-the-nhs-in-the- east-midlands 1 Million tons

4 Prescribing Sustainable Development! EMCR pilots funded by E Mid Reg Innov. Fund saved: - £33,111 Social impact £ equivalent 2,547 tCO2e annual carbon equivalent emissions Source: ARUP External verification report NEP projects saved around £2m and 2,300tCO2e Source: Nottingham Energy Partnership

5 The Phase 2 pilots 1.Energy in NHS estates -£21,750 2.Sustainable Procurement Training -£3,564 3.Sustainable Healthy Care Homes -£4,320 Nottingham Energy Partnership – Jerome Baddley - 4.Travel -£1,000 5.Food -£1,000 6.NHS Forest a) £4,920 & b) £3,080 innovation-fund-projects-2009-10/identifying-and-reducing-the-regional-carbon- footprint-of-the-nhs-in-the-east-midlands

6 Pilot 1: Energy in NHS estates Support East Midlands NHS Estates with integration of sustainable energy technologies into a range of buildings, cross section of NHS orgs., and engagement of staff.

7 Pilot 2: Sustainable Procurement Training To provide practical hands-on training days for procurement and finance staff on sustainable low carbon procurement. Reduce Demand Reduce ‘in- use’ Emissions Substitution and Innovation Supply Chain Management Workshop sessions facilitated delegates to create Carbon Intervention Plans for specific products/services relevant to trusts or the NHS. The Hierarchy of Interventions Source: NHS SDU, Procurement for Carbon Reduction Workbook

8 Pilot 3: Sustainable Healthy Care Homes Aim - to contribute a sustainable development dimension to a Care Homes pilot project that improves resident’s health and /or well- being and the sustainability of up to 4 care homes. Reduce & recycle

9 Pilot 4: Travel Electric: To support the development of an Electric Vehicle pilot, within one or more organisations with existing travel plans to ensure lesson sharing

10 Pilot 5: Sustainable Food To develop a Sustainable Food Standard for adoption by the East Midlands NHS Sustainable Development network.

11 Pilot 6: Develop NHS Forest projects at 3 NHS Trusts in the East Midlands 1,200 native trees on 1.66 acres at Leicestershire NHS Partnership Trust First NHS Forest site in the East Midlands Mature site will provide rest and relaxation for patients, visitors, staff, community Potential to absorb 260 tonnes of carbon dioxide during natural lifetime

12 Who has power to change? Organisational footprints /big wins controlled initially top down by: Board Estates Procurement After quick wins: Managers Clinicians Site staff Support to innovate in service design. Greatest results achieved by combining both approaches.

13 Action Learning: A new network to support change S ustainable H ealth through A ction R esearch in P ractice Slide courtesy of Dr Claire Marsh – Leeds University The goals of health and sustainability are mutually reinforcing, crossing disciplines & professions SHARP seeks to support these efforts through the provision of group facilitation, network infrastructure, and links to academia & policy-makers Challenging those persistent barriers which hold back significant change, is most effectively done in groups working on real-life problems

14 EM NHS CRP - Phase 3 Aim: Disseminate learning from East Midlands NHS Carbon Reduction Project to the NHS in the East Midlands, Midlands and East and nationally to support organisations to commission and deliver more sustainable, low carbon health services. £2,000 seed funding per pilot to trigger NHS Trusts in the Midlands and East region to develop one of the pilots in their trust. Examples: –Staff time to develop the pilot e.g. for developing an NHS site, –Insurance and evaluation costs for electric vehicle pilot –Developing a reducing waste or a walking for health project in a care home. Revised Timescale: –Deadline for receipt of expressions of interest Monday 11 March 2013 –Decision made 12 March 2013

15 Thank you. Contact details: Helen Ross, East Midlands NHS Sustainable Development Network Nottingham City Council Public Health, Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham NG2 3NG. Telephone 0115 876 5759 Email: Website page:

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