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Carbon Reduction & NHS Perceptions 4 th January 2009 Phil Gover Public Health NHS Durham.

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1 Carbon Reduction & NHS Perceptions 4 th January 2009 Phil Gover Public Health NHS Durham

2 Key Points 1.Public Health & Sustainable Development 2.About the NHS 3.What we at NHS Durham want to do 4.National Strategy & Perceptions 5.Contact Details

3 Public Health & Sustainable Development Sustainable development is “Development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (WECD, 1987). Sustainable development aims to achieve: Sustainable economy Sustainable health Sustainable community Sustainable environnent (UK PHA, 2007).

4 Public Health & Sustainable Development Dahlgren G. and Whitehead M. 1991. Policies and strategies to promote social equity in health

5 Public Health & Sustainable Development



8 The NHS Budget –Annual budget > £90 billion –Spends about £17 billion per year on goods & services –Contributes up to 10% of regional GDP Largest employer in Europe –Employs about 1.3 million –Employs 5% of UK workforce

9 The NHS Waste –Produces 250,000 tonnes waste per annum –Waste disposal costs over £40 million per annum –In 2006-2007, over 13 m patient meals were wasted (>9 per patient) Measuring and understanding the NHS (England) Carbon footprint –18 m tonnes carbon dioxide per annum Energy: heating, lighting, hot water = 22% Travel: patients, staff, visitors = 18% Procurement: supply chain activities of companies producing goods and services = 60%

10 The NHS

11 What we want to do locally Do Sustainable Development Better Managing our business resources responsibly: –NHS Staff, Cash & Assets –Provides the best outcomes for our patients / population –Actions should be healthy and sustainable by nature –Progressively less harmful to the environment –Support social economics –New forms of value for money


13 Key Areas for Development Energy and Carbon Management Procurement & Food Low Carbon Travel, Transport, and Access Water Waste Designing the built environment Organisational and workforce development Role of partnerships and networks Governance Finance

14 Perceptions & Future Action Establish Leadership & Expertise in this area Plan 2 Invest & Invest 2 Reinvest Generate more Knowledge about the carbon elements of our business –Raise the status –Establish credibility –Create Organisational Culture –Foster Innovation in carbon based care planning / pathways Move from being surprised to carbon aware: –Now - Order Process Operatives –Tomorrow - Procurement Professionals –Yesterday - Eco-Procurement Specialists Technology Driven & Sensitive to Communities Develop work via collaborative effort across a range of levels: –International –National –Regional Level –Sub Regional

15 Perceptions & Future Action Evaluate our Progress against Patient Experience Health Outcomes / Quality of Life Reduce Dependency on services –(personalisation of care challenge) Estates expertise Eco-Procure expertise Local knowledge ontology of our waste and single product use habits Policies & Metrics –National / Local –Plot our status quo trajectory / Illustrate our future deviation Collaborative Partnerships –Local Authority –Higher Education


17 Procurement – Example Criteria Is this product made from natural and non-toxic materials? Is this product free from unsustainable materials and ingredients? Is this product made from recycled materials, is it recyclable or reusable? Is this product long-life and can it be disposed of safely? Is this product over packaged and are the packaging materials biodegradable, recyclable and PVC free? Is this product, in its production and use, energy efficient? Does this product meet with the ethical standards?

18 Contact Information Phil Gover Public Health NHS Durham   07796691984

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