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1 HOW TO MAKE THE BEST CHOICES Restaurant Shockers

2 Appetizers

3 Olive Garden Salad with Dressing Calories 150 Total Fat 10g Sodium 760mg Total Carbohydrate 11g Protein 2g

4 Olive Garden Breadstick Calories 140 Sodium 370 mg Total Fat 2 g

5 Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit Calories150 Sodium350 mg Total Fat 8 g Total Carbs16g Protein 7g

6 Texas Roadhouse Roll with Cinnamon Butter (1 Roll) Calories 225 Total Carb 28 Total Fat 11 g Protein 5 g

7 TGI Friday’s Mozzerella Sticks Calories: 1100 Total Carb: 62g Total Fat: 65g Protein: 44g

8 Texas Roadhouse Onion Blossom Calories 736 Sodium 1058 mg Total Fat 56 g Protein 8g

9 Appetizer Advice Skip the bread basket, especially if you are ordering something to start Just scan the appetizers looking for healthier options. Personal favorites: broth-based soup (studies show people who start meals with soup eat fewer calories overall at that meal), Shrimp cocktail, Steamed clams Green salad (vinaigrette dressing).

10 Meals

11 Panera Bread Broccoli Cheddar Soup in Bread Bowl Calories 890 Sodium 2460 mg Total Fat 21 g Total Carbs 139g

12 Olive Garden - Five Cheese Ziti Al Forno Calories 1050 Sodium 2370 mg Total Fat 48 g Total Carbs 112 g

13 Chili's Bar and Grill - Half Rack of Baby Back Ribs Calories 1140 Sodium 3800 mg Total Fat 63 g Full Rack = Calories 2170 Sodium 6510 mg Total Fat 123 g !!

14 Popeye’s Chicken - Chicken Breast (2) Calories 880 Sodium 2660 mg Total Fat 54 g Total Carbs 32 g

15 Main Meal Management Things to avoid:  anything fried, dishes with lots of cheese, pasta, and anything super-saucy. Better choices:  grilled meats or fish, and steamed dishes. Sides:  stick with veggies over starches.  ask to substitute a salad as as starter for one of the sides

16 Dessert Cheesecake Factory Original Cheesecake Calories 710 Olive Garden Tiramisu Calories 470 Soft Serve Vanilla Cone Calories 410

17 Dessert NEVER ORDER YOUR OWN!  Share dessert with the table Have coffee or a night cap over dessert:  Saving that second glass of wine for after dinner can save you calories over having dessert  Have coffee to cure that craving for something rich Save dessert for another night:  Don’t over-do-it, save some of that wiggle room for another night. Stop for ice cream or frozen yogurt, order a junior. Keep things simple:  The more decadent the description, the higher the calories

18 Drinks

19 Alcohol

20 Alcohol Continued Rum/ Jack & Coke- 220 calories Margarita- 300 calories Martini- 300-500 calories Hard Cider- 200 calories Shot- 80-100 calories

21 Starbucks - Grande Caramel Frap (Whole Milk, W/Whip) Calories 390 Sodium 220 mg Total Fat 15 g Sugars 59 g Protein 4 g

22 Dunkin Donuts - Oreo Coffee Coolatta Large Calories 650 Sodium 430 mg Total Fat 13 g Sugars109 g Protein10 g

23 McDonald’s Chocolate Milkshake Large Calories 1,160 Total Fat 27g  41% Cholesterol 100mg  33% Sodium 510mg  21% Total Carbohydrate 193g  64% Sugars 145g

24 General Rules Buffets= Bad News Bears You don’t have to clean your plate Restaurants, takeout or fast food 1x per week Dessert 1x per week 1-2 Drinks 1x per week Ask for high cal items on the side: dressing, sauces, guacamole, sour cream, etc,. Enjoy your meal and family!

25 HELP! Hungry Girl Bite Out- chooses the smartest options when eating away from home. healthy-survival-guides-for-chain-restuarants- holidays-and-more-roundup Chain restaurant? All restaurants have their complete offerings with calories listed online

26 Additional questions

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