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Healthy Eating on the Go

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1 Healthy Eating on the Go
CDS Global

2 What is a healthy meal? Includes: Lean protein “Good” carbohydrates
Fruits and vegetables


4 Building Blocks of a Healthy Meal
Protein Builds skin, blood, cartilage, hair and muscle Carbohydrates Needed for energy and proper brain function Fruits and Vegetables Full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

5 Portion Control Protein Size of your palm or a deck of cards
Carbohydrates Size of your fist Fruits Vegetables Unlimited ( except peas and corn )

6 Tips and Tricks Prepare in advance
Make a weekly meal plan and grocery list Wash and chop vegetables as soon as you get home Pre-package snacks in the proper portions after getting home Make your breakfast and/or lunch the night before Have non-perishable breakfast items out and ready for morning Invest in a large, reusable water bottle to carry with you Refill throughout the day Add sliced cucumbers, lemons or limes for a flavor boost


8 Breakfast Greek yogurt, handful of berries & a whole grain waffle
Low-fat cheddar cheese, egg and turkey bacon burrito wrapped in whole grain tortilla with salsa Glass of fat-free milk, 1 tbsp. almond butter, strawberries and 1 tsp. dark chocolate chips topping plain instant oatmeal.

9 Lunch Reduced-sodium turkey breast on 100% whole wheat bread with mustard and tomato & a side of green grapes Romaine salad topped with 2 tbsp. vinaigrette, dried cranberries, baked chicken breast and toasted whole grain pita points Chickpea, black bean, edamame, chopped red pepper and avocado salad topped with light Italian dressing. Eat with whole grain crackers and a ripe peach

10 Snacks Reduced-fat string cheese and a plum
Small handful of nuts and dried fruit Carrot sticks with light ranch and a glass of fat-free milk Celery sticks and 1 tbsp. natural peanut butter Soft spread cheese on whole grain crackers Shelf-stable hummus and sliced bell pepper

11 Eating Out Choose baked or grilled instead of fried or crispy
Have steamed vegetables instead of French fries Look at online menu beforehand and plan what is best meal choice Stick to it! Skip the bread basket Start with a side salad or broth-based soup

12 Eating Out Salad dressing on the side Dip your fork
Drink water with your meal Skip appetizers and dessert Remember portion sizes Get a to-go box right away Put away extra as soon as food arrives

13 In Summary Eating on the go can be healthy Use
Include protein, carbohydrate & plenty of fruits and vegetables Remember to keep portion size in mind Prepare, prepare, prepare! Make wise choices when eating out

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