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Eating Out 101: Making Smart Choices Away From Home Morgan Anderson, WKU Dietetic Intern.

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1 Eating Out 101: Making Smart Choices Away From Home Morgan Anderson, WKU Dietetic Intern

2 General Tips for Eating Out Watch portion sizes – Share! Order an appetizer, children's portion, or lunch portion as your meal Get a to go box for larger meals Avoid filling up on appetizers – fried chips & salsa, bread, and etc. Avoid all you can eat buffets. Avoid going to a restaurant ravenous. Read the menu carefully and ask your server about menu ingredients. Some entrées sound healthy, but really are high in fat and calories

3 Beverages Save calories by ordering water or other low calorie drinks Jazz up water, unsweetened tea, or diet soda with a lemon, lime or orange wedge Enjoy alcoholic beverages with your meal Limit portions of alcohol: 1 serving per day for women and 2 servings per day for men 1 serving = 5 oz of wine, 12 oz beer, or 1.5 oz of 80 proof liquor

4 Tea McDonald's Unsweet Tea (Large 2 Pints ) NUTRITION FACTS Calories 300 Calories from fat 0 Sodium20mg Total Carbs.72g Sugars 72g McDonald's Sweet Tea (Large 2 Pints) NUTRITION FACTS Calories 4 Calories from fat 0 Sodium20mg Total Carbs. 1g Sugars 0g

5 Desserts Choose fruit-based dessert options Try desserts that aren’t fried Portion size is key! Share a dessert Choose single serving dessert options

6 Breakfast Try: Nonfat or low fat yogurt Adding fruit to your meal Omega-3 eggs Lower fat proteins Low fat cheese Natural peanut butter Drinks Try skim milk Avoid added sugar, sugary syrups, and whipped cream Watch serving sizes on fruit juices – 4oz Bakery Goods Try whole grain options Watch for carbohydrates, sugar, and fat

7 Breakfast Healthier ChoiceLess Healthy Choice Poached or boiled eggFried or scrambled eggs Egg substitute or egg whitesWhole eggs English muffinBiscuit Canadian bacon or turkey bacon or sausage Pork bacon or sausage Whole wheat bagel with low-fat cream cheese Croissants, pastries, or muffins Fruit or sugar-free syrupRegular syrup

8 Oatmeal Instant Oats: plain, dry (1/2 cup cooked w/ water) Burger King Breakfast: Oatmeal, Maple Flavor, Fruit Topped Calories 83 Calories from Fat 16 Total Fat 1.8g Cholesterol 0mg Sodium 5mg Total Carbohydrate 14g Dietary Fiber 2g Sugars 0.3g Protein 3g Calories 270 Calories from Fat 36 Total Fat 4 Cholesterol 5mg Sodium 290mg Total Carbohydrate 55g Dietary Fiber 29g Sugars 10g Protein 5g

9 Yogurt: Fast Food McDonald’s Fruit’n Yogurt Parfait (5.2 oz -With Granola) Chick-fil-A Breakfast: Yogurt Parfait (1 serving- With Granola) NUTRITION FACTS Calories 150 Calories from fat 20 Total Fat2g Sat. Fat1g Trans Fat0g Cholesterol5mg Sodium70mg Total Carbs.30g Dietary Fiber1g Sugars23g Protein4g Calcium110mg NUTRITION FACTS Calories 290 Calories from fat 54 Total Fat6g Sat. Fat2g Trans Fat0g Cholesterol10mg Sodium85mg Total Carbs.53g Dietary Fiber1g Sugars39g Protein7g Calcium200mg

10 Muffins Dunkin' Donuts: Chocolate Chip Muffin (1 Muffin) Starbucks Bakery: Blueberry Streusel Muffin (4.3 oz) NUTRITION FACTS Calories 610 Calories from fat 207 Total Fat23g Sat. Fat 7g Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol70mg Sodium520mg Total Carbs.92g Dietary Fiber 3g Sugars 55g Protein8g Calcium40mg NUTRITION FACTS Calories 350 Calories from fat 81 Total Fat9g Sat. Fat 2.5g Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol65mg Sodium520mg Total Carbs.64g Dietary Fiber 7g Sugars 34g Protein6g Calcium250mg

11 Drinks Check label for carbohydrates, sugar, and fat Ask for skim or nonfat milk instead of whole milk or artificial creamers in coffee drinks Try sugar free flavor syrups instead of regular When ordering a coffee drink ask for a “skinny” or “light” version

12 Hot Coffee Drinks to Skip Starbucks Caffe Mocha - Grande 16 oz Whole Milk & Whipped Cream Dunkin' Donuts Dunkaccino – Medium 14 oz Calories 370 Total Fat 19g Saturated Fat 11g Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 55mg Sodium 135mg Total Carbohydrate 44g Dietary Fiber 2g Sugars 35g Protein 13g Calories 336 Total Fat 15.4g Saturated Fat 12.6g Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 14mg Sodium 308mg Total Carbohydrate 49g Dietary Fiber 1.4g Sugars 36.4g Protein 2.8g

13 Better Hot Coffee Drinks Starbucks Caffe Misto – Grande 16 oz (Coffee with steamed milk) Brewed Coffee 8oz Calories 70 Calories from Fat 0 Total Fat 0 Cholesterol <5mg Sodium 90mg Total Carbohydrate 10g Sugars 10g Protein 7g Calories 2 Calories from Fat 0 Total Fat 0g Sodium 5mg Total Carbohydrate 0g Sugars 0g Protein.3g

14 Appetizers Try: Fresh Salsa Fresh Guacamole Pico de Gallo Chips without hydrogenated oils or Baked versions Instead of: Guacamole Imposters Cheese and Bean Dips Sour Cream Fried Chips

15 Chipotle Mexican Grill Chips 4oz Serving Nutrition Facts Calories 570 Calories from fat 243 Total Fat 27g Sat. Fat 3.5g Sodium 420mg Cholesterol 0mg Total Carbs. 73g Dietary Fiber 8g Protein 8g Calcium 40mg dip-menu-nutrition

16 Entrées Try: Grilled -Chicken, lean pork or beef, or fish/seafood Corn or whole grain tortillas Salsa Un-fried versions of menu items – ex. Chimichangas Instead of: Cheese or high fat meats Flour tortillas Cheese sauces

17 Sides Try: Black beans Hominy Try corn or whole grain tortillas Instead of: Refried beans or rice Flour tortillas

18 The Buzz on Beans Chili's Grill & Bar Restaurant Black Beans - Side Nutrition Facts Calories 100 Calories from fat 9 Total Fat 1g Sat. Fat 0g Sodium 620mg Total Carbs. 18g Dietary Fiber 5g Protein 6g On the Border Refried Beans –Side Nutrition Facts Calories 220 Calories from fat 81 Total Fat 9g Sat. Fat 4g Sodium 660mg Total Carbs. 25g Dietary Fiber 6g Protein 10g

19 Asian Foods Healthier ChoiceLess Healthy Choice Stir Fried or SteamedBatter Dipped & Fried Dishes (Sweet/Sour Chicken, Tempura) Egg Drop, Wonton, or Hot & Sour Soups Fried Egg Rolls or Tempura Steamed Brown RiceFried White Rice Low-sodium Soy Sauce, Wasabi, Ginger, or Rice-Wine Vinegar Regular Soy Sauce, Creamy “White Sauce or Shrimp Sauce”, Coconut Milk or Sweet & Sour Salads w/o cream sauce, Edamame, Seaweed salad Salads with Crispy/Fried Wontons

20 Fast Food Healthier ChoiceLess Healthy Choice Whole grain breadWhite bread Salads with fruit and vegetablesCheese, croutons, bacon, creamy dressings Grilled meatsFried meats Baked potato or fruitFrench fries or onion rings Diet drinks, un-sweetened tea, fat-free or low-fat milk, or water Regular drinks or milk shakes

21 Italian Foods Healthier ChoiceLess Healthy Choice Whole grain PastaWhite bread Salads with fruit and vegetables Butter Bread Sticks Grilled meatsFried meats Tomato SaucesCream Based Sauces Thin- Crust PizzaDeep Dish or Stuffed Crust Veggie ToppingsSausage, Extra Meat & Cheese

22 Seafood Healthier ChoiceLess Healthy Choice Grilled, Blackened, Baked, or Broiled Batter Dipped & Fried Salads with fruit and vegetables or Baked Potato Hushpuppies, Chowder, Cream- based soups Vinegar or Lemon Juice, Cocktail Sauce, Tartar Sauce, or Butter Vegetables (prepared w/o added fats) Fries, Onion rings, Batter Dipped & Fried Veggies

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