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Eating Healthy on a Budget

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1 Eating Healthy on a Budget

2 The food plate

3 Tips to a great plate find out how many calories you need daily- exercise matters Enjoy your food-but eat less Avoid oversized portions Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains Switch to lower fat milk products Make half of the plate fruits and vegetables Make half your grains whole grains Use lower sodium products Drink more water

4 The Three P's Plan, Purchase, Prepare

5 Plan Plan meals and snacks for the week according to an established budget. 􀀹 Find quick and easy recipes online. 􀀹 Include meals that will “stretch” expensive food items (stews, casseroles, stir‐fried dishes). 􀀹 Make a grocery list. 􀀹 Check for sales and coupons in the local paper or online and consider discount stores. 􀀹 Ask about a loyalty card at your grocery store.

6 Purchase Buy groceries when you are not hungry and when you are not too rushed. 􀀹 Stick to the grocery list and stay out of the aisles that don’t contain items on your list. 􀀹 Buy store brands if cheaper. 􀀹 Find and compare unit prices listed on shelves to get the best price. 􀀹 Purchase some items in bulk or as family packs which usually cost less.

7 Purchase Choose fresh fruits and vegetables in season; buy canned vegetables with less salt. 􀀹 Pre‐cut fruits and vegetables, individual cups of yogurt, and instant rice and hot cereal are convenient, but usually cost more than those that require a bit more prep time. 􀀹 Good low‐cost items available all year include: o Protein — beans (garbanzo, black, cannellini) o Vegetables — carrots, greens, potatoes o Fruit — apples, bananas

8 Prepare Some meal items can be prepared in advance; pre‐cook on days when you have time. 􀀹 Double or triple up on recipes and freeze meal‐sized containers of soups and casseroles or divide into individual portions. 􀀹 Try a few meatless meals by substituting with beans and peas or try “no‐cook” meals like salads. 􀀹 Incorporate leftovers into a subsequent meal. 􀀹 Be creative with a fruit or vegetable and use it in different ways during the week.

9 Can people eat out, healthy, and on a budget?
A couple on average spent $ per week last year.

10 Can people eat out, healthy, and on a budget?
Are fruits and vegetables so expansive that people can not afford them?

11 Can people eat out, healthy, and on a budget?
The least expensive fruit to buy in the united States is watermelon, apples, bananas, pears, pineapples, and peaches.

12 Can people eat out, healthy, and on a budget?
The least expensive vegetables are lettuce, potatoes, eggplants, greens, squash, carrots, and tomatoes.

13 Can people eat out, healthy, and on a budget?
A healthy diet can be relatively inexpensive.

14 Eating better on a budget
Plan Get the best price Compare and contrast Buy in bulk Buy in season

15 Eating better on a budget
Go back to basics Pick low cost options Cook once- eat all week Get your creative juices flowing Eating out- early bird specials, lunch instead of dinner

16 Tips to eating out healthy
Pick water for the beverage Pick whole wheat breads Start your meal with a salad Order steamed not fried Choose a small portion (side order) No all you can eat buffet

17 Tips to eating out healthy
Order an appetizer instead of a meal Share the meal with a friend Take left overs home At start set aside half the food to take home End- clean plate club Salad dressing on the side Choose fruit for the dessert

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