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The Experimental Workshops:

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1 The Experimental Workshops:
Oye Ekiti and Osogbo

2 Fathers Kevin Carroll and Sean O’Mahoney
The Oye Ekiti Workshop Fathers Kevin Carroll and Sean O’Mahoney George Bandele Lamidi Fakeye

3 George Bandele, Ogboni Drums, wood, mid 20th Century

4 George Bandele Baptismal Font for the Catholic Church, Wood 1965

5 George Bandele, One of the Three Wise Men From the Christmas Crib Set Wood, beads, pigments 1954

6 Lamidi Fakeye, Flight into Egypt, wood, 1956

7 The Osogbo Workshop (Mbari Mbayo) Ulli Beier Ru Van Russem Denis Williams Susan Wenger Georgina Beier

8 Georgina Beier Untitled (25 panels) Oil on board 1985

9 Georgina Beier Octopus and his Friend Bird (Osogbo) Oil on board n.d.

10 Georgina Beier Sunbirds (Osogbo) Oil on board n.d

11 Georgina Beier, Untitled, linoleum cut print, 1960

12 Jacob Afolabi, Slavery, Linocut, 1964

13 Muraina Oyelami Village Scene Oil on Paper

14 Muraina Oyelami, Pensive mood, Oil on canvas, n.d.

15 Adebisi Fabunmi, Osogbo, Lino-cut, 1966

16 Adebisi Fabunmi, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Lino-cut, 1966

17 Rufus Ogundele, Untitled, oil on canvas, 1964

18 Rufus Ogundele Market Women Oil on Canvas 1994

19 Rufus Ogundele, Merry Sail, oil on canvas, 1995

20 Ade Nla, Yoruba, Nigeria Beads, cotton, 20th century

21 Jimoh Buraimoh, Owl, Beads and oil on board, 1994

22 Jimoh Buraimoh Inner Eyes Beads and oil on board 1978

23 Jimoh Buraimoh Details Beads and oil on board

24 Jimoh Buraimoh, faces and bird, gouache and beads on board, 1996

25 Twin Seven Seven, a.k.a Chief Taiwo Olaniyi, Pen and Ink 1967

26 Twns Seven Seven The Anti-Bird Ghost Varnished gouache n.d.

27 Twins Seven Seven Elephant Man Varnished Gouache n.d.

28 Twins Seven Seven, (Taiwo Olaniyi) Queen Oranmiyan the mother of all Future, Varnish, ink, gouache on wood, 1967

29 Susanne Wenger, Shrine (detail), Cement covered clay 1970s

30 Susanne Wenger, Untitled, Batik,--synthetic dyes on cotton 1970s

31 Asiru Olatunde, The Story of Osun Hammered Aluminum 1960s

32 Adebisi Akanji, Untitled-scene from A Petrol Station Cement sculpture, Cement n.d

33 Adebisi Akanji, Untitled-scene from A Esso Petrol Station Cement n.d

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