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Salvador Dali 4 28.07.2007.

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2 Salvador Dali 4 28.07.2007

3 The Lugubrious Game/Le Jeu lugubre. 1929. Oil and collage on carton.

4 The Enigma of Desire. 1929. Oil on canvas.

5 The Great Masturbator. 1929. Oil on canvas.

6 Paranoiac Woman-Horse (Invisible Sleeping Woman, Lion, Horse). 1930.

7 The Old Age of William Tell/Le Vieillesse de Guillaume Tell. 1931. Oil on canvas.

8 William Tell. 1930. Oil and collage on canvas

9 The Invisible Harp, Fine and Medium./Harpe invisible fine et moyenne. 1932.

10 The First Days of Spring. 1929. Oil and collage on panel.

11 llumined Pleasures. 1929. Oil and collage on board

12 The Invisible Man. 1929-33. Oil on canvas.

13 Gradiva Finds the Anthropomorphic Ruins. 1931. Oil on canvas.

14 Hallucination partielle: six apparitions de Lénine sur un piano/Partial Hallucination: Six Apparitions of Lenin on a Piano. 1931. Oil on canvas.

15 The Persistence of Memory. 1931. Oil on canvas.

16 Sometimes I Spit with Pleasure on the Portrait of my Mother (The Sacred Heart). 1929. China ink on linen canvas glued on cardboard

17 Accommodations of Desire. 1929. Oil and collage on board.

18 Man of Sickly Complexion Listening to the Sound of the Sea or The Two Balconies. 1929. Oil on wood panel.

19 The Ants. 1929. Gouache, ink and collage.

20 Phantasmagoria. ca 1930. Oil on panel.

21 Premature Ossification of a Railroad Station. 1930. Oil on canvas.

22 Combinations (or The complete dalinian phantasm: hunts, keys, nails etc.). 1931. Gouache on paper. A suivre…


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