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Capsim logistics.

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1 Capsim logistics

2 Registration You will need an address and the above SimID or “C number” (C32249_000) in order to register for your game and class. Your “registration number” is NOT the SimID; you will not have a registration number until AFTER you register with CAPSIM and pay the fee. Each student should have his/her own CAPSIM registration and address. If you make a mistake while registering for CAPSIM and can’t correct it yourself let me know or call CAPSIM at for help.

3 Participation Participation consists of running a company in the electronic sensor industry. Each of you will be running your own company and competing against computers. You will play the simulation three times: rehearsal simulation, practice simulation, competition simulation. You will find that all of the normal financial/accounting data and other information a real firm would have will be available to you for your CAPSIM company as it progresses through both the practice rounds and then after I restart the game, the 8 years of real operation.

4 Performance (1) You will get a grade both at the end of practice rounds (pass or fail) and at the end of “real” rounds (letter grade). How well your company performs is simply a matter of How much research and effort each of your team members puts into the CAPSIM exercise, how well your organization of your team can bring all your team members’ collective experience and knowledge to bear on running your CAPSIM firm, and how effectively you can implement the strategy your team formulates.

5 Performance (2) The Balance scorecard measure will be used to assign a grade between 0 and 100 to each team’s performance relative to other teams in the class. (The system gives you a total of 1000 points.) Different rounds will be graded differently: Round 1: 82, points Rounds 2 and 3, 89 points Rounds 4 and beyond, 100 points Recap 240.

6 Balance scorecard It was introduced in It is a strategic assessment tool that can accurately portray a business unit's strategic progress. The Balanced Scorecard asks managers to consider their business from four perspectives: The Customer Internal Business Innovation & Learning Financial

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