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Innovation Leadership Training Day One February 5, 2009.

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1 Innovation Leadership Training Day One February 5, 2009

2 Welcome Welcome to our innovation training program Over the next few weeks we’ll investigate a number of innovation tools and techniques Be sure to meet your neighbors as we hope to build an internal innovation network

3 What We Want to Accomplish

4 Goals for this section Our goal over the course – Provide an introduction to the thinking, tools and techniques for innovation – Build a network of innovators using the same approach and language – Position you to participate in innovation activities and to act as a sponsor for innovation in your businesses

5 Key Points Innovation must be presented as a sustaining capability – not as a discrete project – There’s simply too much change and risk involved to define it for the short term The management team must walk the talk – actively supporting innovation – Innovation isn’t free and isn’t cheap. Your active support and patience will reap benefits Innovation is a journey, not a destination

6 Introductions OVO is an innovation consulting and software development firm, focused primarily on development of sustainable, repeatable innovation processes I’m Jeffrey Phillips, a senior consultant with OVO and I’ll be leading some of the training during this training program

7 My Background

8 Introduce Yourselves Let’s get to know you – Please introduce yourself. Give us: Name Your role Physical Location Responsibility Favorite restaurant [or favorite thing to do with one hour of free time] Nickname in high school Our goal is to create an internal team that you can turn to for help and advice

9 Approach This program is divided into five sections Each section has pre-work, classroom presentation and discussion, and recommended follow-up reading There are a number of exercises planned throughout the day to reinforce the presentations We will cover a wide variety of topics, tools and techniques in innovation – Our goal is to help you think differently when an innovation opportunity presents itself

10 Overview The five sections encompass: – Day One – Innovation Overview What is innovation? How does it tie to strategy? – Day Two – Identifying Opportunities Looking at trends and future opportunities – Day Three – Idea Generation Examine idea generation techniques – Day Three/Four – Innovation Processes and Roles Defining a sustainable innovation process – Day Four – Innovation Leadership

11 Format The training will consist of presentation in some cases and activities or discussion in other cases We encourage discussion and questions – learn from our experience and from each other In your exercises, it is helpful to have a specific innovation opportunity in mind throughout the training

12 Materials We will be providing all of the materials in electronic format. You are welcome to re-use and distribute them within your teams OVO materials are copyrighted and we ask that you not distribute them outside of the University of the Pacific We do also incorporate materials from other sources and will note the source of that material

13 Pre-work and Follow up We recognize that you are very busy, but you will gain much more by doing any pre-work before you attend, and by considering the recommended follow up reading or activities Most of the follow up work is additional readings from industry experts and will extend what we do in class

14 Putting the learning into practice If you don’t have an active innovation program or an idea in mind, consider starting an innovation project in conjunction with this training Otherwise, please try to exercise these skills by participating in an innovation program or getting involved in an enterprise innovation activity as soon as possible.

15 Questions?

16 Agenda for today Morning – Linkage between strategy and innovation – Defining innovation – Defining an innovation “charter” – Innovation model facets Lunch Afternoon – Further development of your ideas – Group work

17 Balancing training and “real work” We recognize that everyone in attendance has pressing demands in their jobs/lives We ask for your attention during the training and will provide several breaks during the day One 20-30 minute break in the morning We’ll take one hour for lunch to allow you to complete phone calls/check emails One 15-20 minute break in the afternoon


19 Any Questions?

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