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Always Changing 5 th Grade Boys Puberty Program Approved by the CCSD B.O.E. on 9/23/10.

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1 Always Changing 5 th Grade Boys Puberty Program Approved by the CCSD B.O.E. on 9/23/10

2 As you grow up, your body changes Changes in how you look and feel are gradual (not all at once) Timing is different for everyone – from 9-14 years old Each boy grows at his own pace Girls are usually 2 years ahead of boys Class Overview

3 Class Guidelines Don’t be afraid to ask questions Be respectful of your peers No personal stories Use correct names for all body parts

4 Class Agenda Video Puberty –Physical Changes –Emotional Changes Personal Hygiene Healthy Bodies Questions

5 Watch Video Stream

6 Sweating Body produces more sweat; body odor Bathe/shower daily with soap Shampoo hair regularly Control underarm odor and wetness with deodorant or antiperspirant Change sweaty clothes Personal Hygiene

7 Skin Care Oil glands in your skin become more active Oil and dead skin cells lead to acne Cleanse skin twice a day Don’t worry; acne is a normal part of puberty, and steps can be taken to reduce it Personal Hygiene

8 Stay active – exercise! Eat nutritious foods Regular bathing and dental care Personal safety Healthy Bodies

9 Stage One During this phase boys grow a lot, maybe even up to 4 inches in a year. Hormones become active and testicles begin to mature. Boys may occasionally experience erections. Puberty: Physical Changes

10 Stage Two: Boys may grow taller and notice changes in body shape. This is normal as the body begins adding muscle and fat. Testicles continue to grow. The penis is not getting much larger yet. This is normal. Small hairs may begin to grow at the base of the penis. Puberty: Physical Changes

11 Stage Three: Pubic Hair begins to grow darker and fuller The penis begins to grow in length Erections happen more often The voice may begin ‘breaking’ or ‘cracking’. Puberty: Physical Changes

12 Stage Four: Signs of hair in the armpits and on the face. Pubic hair begins to grow coarse. Voice becomes even deeper. Penis and testicles grow larger. Puberty: Physical Changes

13 Final Stage of Puberty Final height is gained Body shape resembles that of a man: broader shoulders and developed muscles. Pubic Hair will spread out to inner thighs and lower stomach. Shaving at this point. Pubic hair and sex organs will look fully developed.

14 Feelings may change from day to day (Mood swings = happy then sad) Caused by hormones (testosterone) Don’t worry; it’s all part of growing up! Puberty: Emotional Changes

15 Wet Dreams are part of the male reproductive process Wet Dreams happen at night time when you sleep. Wet Dreams happen to get rid of sperm and semen that are stored in your testicles Puberty: Wet Dreams

16 Puberty: Male Reproductive System

17 Family member: Your mom, dad, uncle, grandpa, or other trusted adult etc. Teacher, school nurse, counselor Doctor Who to Talk To

18 Write question on a note card; fold it and place it in the Question Box Everyone must write something on the notecard All questions are good Questions

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