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Here we will talk about: What is puberty? When changes happen to boys? What are the sex organs? What are erections and why do they happen? For more information you can visit:

3 What’s Happening?

4 What is Puberty? It is the time when our bodies change toward an adult body. Start to develop new feelings and interests Start to make sperm cells Or start to make egg cells

5 What is Puberty? The cells necessary to make a new human
egg + sperm = baby

6 We will talk about the changes that happen that others can see And changes that are private

7 When we talk about these things IT IS NORMAL to feel
Curious Disgust Comfortable Shy Embarrassed Excited

8 When do changes happen? anywhere between 8 and 17
most people begin between the ages of 10 and 14 when you start makes no difference to how you develop no age is better any other one

9 When do changes happen? For some, most of the changes happen in a few years For some, changes happen slowly over lots of years THIS IS NORMAL

10 What changes happen to boys?
Grow taller and heavier Bones grow bigger and heavier Nose and jaw get bigger and face gets longer Get more muscles Hair and skin can become oily and you may get pimples Body sweats more Hair grows on the face, under the armpits, around the genitals (pubic hair).

11 What changes happen to boys?
May get more hair on arms, legs and chest. Voice gets deeper Penis and testicles grow Scrotum changes May have mood swings, sexual thoughts and feelings Breasts may grow

12 What causes these changes?
Hormones – chemical messengers that travel in the blood stream from the place where they are made (called glands) to the place where they do their work Each hormone has a specific job The pituitary gland, deep inside your brain, gets things started. It sends out hormones to our sex organs to get them to start making sex hormones 

13 What causes these changes?
It is the sex hormones that make the changes that cause children’s bodies grow into adult bodies.  Both boys and girls make the same sex hormones. The main ones are testosterone and estrogen Boys make lots of testosterone, not so much estrogen Girls make lots of estrogen, not so much testosterone

14 What causes these changes?

15 What will I look like when I grow up?
That depends mostly on your HEREDITY, the GENES you got when an egg cell and a sperm cell from your birth parents came together to make the cells that developed into you

16 What will I look like when I grow up?
Genes mostly determine how tall you will grow, the colour of your hair, the size and shape of your penis or breasts and your overall body shape. Other things that affect our body are the foods we eat, how active we are and how much sleep we get.

17 What are the sex organs? The parts are:
These parts are also called the reproductive organs and genitals The parts are:  Urethra Penis Testicles or Testes Scrotum

18 What are the sex organs? Urethra Penis Testicles or testes Scrotum
the tube through which urine and semen leaves the boy’s body Penis tube-like organ that hangs outside the body come in all sizes and shapes, determined by our genes Testicles or testes usually two, one hangs lower Sometimes called balls or nuts Where sperm are made Scrotum bag of skin that holds testicles keeps them at right temperature to make sperm, slightly cooler than body’s temperature gets bigger and baggier and turns a darker colour

19 What happens on the inside?
Hormones from the pituitary make the testicles grow and they start making more testosterone and producing sperm  After puberty you make 200, ,000 sperm cells a day for the rest of your life Sperm build up in tubes around the testicles They travel along some tubes and mix with fluids from glands

20 What happens on the inside?
Sperm + fluids = semen

21 How does the semen come out?
If semen is going to come out, the penis is likely to be erect A penis gets erect when blood rushes into it Muscles push the semen into the urethra and out the penis This is called an ejaculation.

22 What can cause an erection?
Boys get erections for all kinds of reasons – they might happen if you : Are thinking about something sexy When you wake in the morning and have to pee When you are relaxed When you are anxious or frightened For no reason at all

23 What can cause an erection?
Boys get their first erections before they are born!

24 When does ejaculation happen?
If a boy wakes up and finds a wet, sticky spot on his bedclothes semen came out when he was sleeping. This is called a “wet dream” If a boy touches or rubs his penis and it gets erect and semen comes out. This is called masturbation. Some boys have wet dreams, some don’t Some boys masturbate, some don’t However it happens is okay

25 Does penis size matter? Testicles grow first so your penis may look as if it is shrinking. It isn’t It can take a while for your penis to grow. Penises, like noses and ears and hands, come in all sizes and shapes and colours. They vary how they curve and stick out when erect. Penises, when erect, are more alike in size than when they are soft. They all work.

26 So what are normal feelings?
Some guys think about girls and kissing and touching Some guys think about other guys and kissing and touching Some guys don’t think about any of this stuff Some have crushes and fall in love Some don’t Some get angry at parents

27 To learn more about your changing body please visit:

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