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MARS HILL CHURCH Webinar | May 2013 Pastor Sutton Turner | Executive Pastor.

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1 MARS HILL CHURCH Webinar | May 2013 Pastor Sutton Turner | Executive Pastor

2 WA NM CA OR 1 Church 14 locations/Churches 4 states

3 Distinctives Grew up in the least churched city in the U.S. (Seattle) Largest Reformed & Complementarian Church in the US Arty, urban, indy rock church w/ largest demographic - 25 to 34 yr. old males Poor church (see #3 above) We plant churches in vintage churches in urban locations (See #3 and #4)

4 Distinctives We staff our churches based on people or weekly attendance

5 STAGEONETWOTHREEFOUR CHURCH SIZE250–399400–799800–1,1991,200–1,999 PAID POSITIONS123–56 STAGEFIVESIXSEVENEIGHT CHURCH SIZE2–3,000>3,000>4,000>6,000 PAID POSITIONS 78–1011–1415–18 Primary Roles: Lead Pastor Executive Pastor Worship Biblical Living Secondary Roles: Students Kids Production Administrative Staffing Matrix

6 Distinctives 7.We budget per church based on people or weekly attendance


8 Distinctives 8.Because of #6 & #7 we have poor & rich, white/black/& Hispanic diverse churches 9.The “wealthier” churches’ giving makes it possible for us to plant churches in less affluent areas

9 We hire in 2 areas Local church Lead Pastors Executive Pastors Worship Pastors Biblical Living Pastors Central Operations Finance Media & Communications Administrative HR, Property IT

10 Local Church Staffing at the local church is based off the staffing matrix (responsibility and number of people in weekly attendance) Each stage has a salary range Each stage increases as church size increases

11 LEVELCENTRAL STAFFINGCHURCH STAFFING 1Executive Elder 2Executive Director 3Lead Pastor 4 Executive Pastor, Worship, Biblical Living 5Director (elder or deacon) 6Sr. Manager (elder or deacon)Sr. Leader (elder or deacon) 7Manager (elder or deacon)Leader (elder or deacon) 8Supervisor (elder or deacon)Coordinator (elder or deacon) 9Staff (elder or deacon) 10Intern Compensation Structure

12 Hiring Lead Pastors/Executive Pastors Intentional recruiting plans Recruiting agencies Ensure men meet the qualifications of an elder (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1) Go through interview process with wives (1 Timothy 3, 1 Peter 5) DISC scores LinkedIn Job boards Specific seminaries and Bible colleges (for LPs only) Lead Pastor Residency Program

13 Hiring Lead Pastors/Executive Pastors 1 year program Curriculum On Ministry training

14 Central Operations Staffing and pay for central operations is based off responsibilities that are directly related to the mission and vision of Mars Hill. Each position is assigned a staff level (staff, supervisor, manager, director, etc.) based on level of responsibility. The staff level determines the compensation range and vacation eligibility. We don’t pay based off tenure, education, etc.

15 Hiring Central Staff Intentional recruiting plans Recruiting agencies Prescreening of employees (HR) Phone Interviews Job boards LinkedIn For key roles we may fly people to Seattle (weekend of interviews, seeing city, visiting church services) EE approval for each hire DISC Scores

16 Local Church/Central Staff Benefits Paid time off Health insurance 403(b) Stipends (book, cell phone) COLA (July)

17 Local Church/Central Staff Reviews & Evaluations Annual Review (2 weeks after Easter) COLA (After Easter) Spring Training (May 1st) 360 Review (September)

18 Board of Advisors and Accountability Legal church board Independent of Mars Hill Church (except EE) Currently made up of seven men Help with annual executive compensation study by independent audit firm Approval of annual budget

19 Key Executives Plan Long-term disability coverage Health and wellness monthly exams and stipend for health products Life insurance Deferred compensation plan Added compensation for higher level leaders (some LPs, XPs, Executive Directors, etc.)

20 MARS HILL CHURCH Webinar | May 2013 Pastor Sutton Turner | Executive Pastor

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