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The Role of the Trustee Responsibilities in Stewardship and Finance.

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1 The Role of the Trustee Responsibilities in Stewardship and Finance

2 Merriam-Webster says a Trustee is: one to whom something is entrusted A natural or legal person to whom property is legally committed to be administered for the benefit of a beneficiary (as a person or a charitable organization) The term was first used in 1647

3 The Office of Trustee Biblical examples would be Adam (Genesis 1:26), Joseph (Genesis 39:1- 4), Moses (Exodus 3:10) Apostles were Trustees (Acts 4:33)

4 The Basics Accountable to the Pastor or Executive Pastor Ministry Target: the Church Minimum Maturity Level: Stable, Mature Christian Spiritual Gifts: Administration, Giving, Service Talents/Abilities: Business and/or Finance

5 The Basics Personality Traits: Trustworthy, Honest, Sincere, Discreet, Levelheaded, Mature, Analyst, Dependable Passion for: Good Stewardship Length of Service in Office: 3-5 Years Time Commitment: 1-2 Hours per Week or Month as Needed Commitment: Participate in Meetings or Training – 1-2 Hours per Month

6 Responsibilities/Duties Establish and Review Procedures for Church’s Financial Management Serve as Legal Guardians for All Church Property Represent the Church in Legal Matters Give Input/Financial Advice to Stewardship Committee and Pastoral Staff as Needed

7 Responsibilities/Duties Execute Bank Notes, Deeds, and other Legal Documents After Receiving Approval from the Church Decision- making Body: Secure the documents Examine Quarterly Financial Reports to Monitor Financial Expenditures of the Church Fulfill the Laws of this State while Serving as a Trustee of the Church

8 Responsibilities/Duties Assist in the Process of Awarding Contracts for Work that Must be done to Improve or Repair Church Buildings and Property Assist in investments of funds for the Church 2001 Gospel Light. Permission to Photocopy granted. The Big Book of Job Descriptions for Ministry

9 What Questions can We answer for You? Rod Wiltrout CA Sent Specialist Missions Discipleship Group 559.256.0858 direct line 559.287.7840 cell phone

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