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The Indiana Department of Correction presents New Employee Orientation 1.

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1 The Indiana Department of Correction presents New Employee Orientation 1

2 EMPLOYEE BENEFITS Indiana Department of Correction 2

3 PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES 1. Identify the three types of leave an employee earns each year. 2. Identify the two type of investment options available to DOC employees. 3. List at least 5 career opportunities available within DOC. 4. Identify the two ways the IDOC assists with your college education. 3

4 EMPLOYEE BENEFITS Employees of the Indiana Department of Correction are entitled to many benefits in addition to their pay. Many of the benefits are provided by the employer with some portion paid by the employee. 4

5 VACATION LEAVE Up to 90 hours earned per year. Bonus vacation leave after 5, 10 and 20 years of service. 5

6 Up to 67.5 hours earned per year. SICK LEAVE 6

7 Up to 22.5 hours earned per year. PERSONAL LEAVE 7

8 HOLIDAYS Twelve (12) holiday a year. 8

9 OTHER PAID LEAVES Funeral Leave, Jury Duty Leave and Military Leave. 9

10 FAMILY LEAVE Up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year for family care, adoption or childbirth. 10

11 COMMUNITY SERVICE LEAVE Promotes the direct involvement of State employees in public services in their communities through volunteer efforts. 11

12 INSURANCE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY Several health insurance options are available including Traditional and Consumer Driven Health Plans 12

13 DENTAL The state contributes to the premium cost for this plan. 13

14 VISION The state contributes to the premium, enabling all employees to participate in this plan. 14

15 LIFE INSURANCE Group term insurance is available up to 150% of salary. Supplemental plans are available for dependent life coverage. 15

16 SHORT/LONG TERM DISABILITY BENFITS The state shares the cost for your participation in the disability plan. 16

17 RETIREMENT PLANS – PLANNING FOR YOUR FUTURE The state pays 100% of the cost. Individual accounts are maintained for each employee. Investment options are available. PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT FUND 17

18 DEFERRED COMPENSATION Investment options that allow salary deferment for tax purposes. 18


20 AUTOMATIC DEPOSIT Direct deposit of payroll checks. 20

21 EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE SERVICES FOR YOU (EASY) Provides employees and family members support during difficult times either directly by phone or by referral to resources in the community. 21

22 Indiana State University... Earn 6 Credit Hours or 9 Credit Hours from Indiana State University Upon Completion of the Pre-Service Academy and “Making A Change” Academy (Juvenile Services). 22

23 VA BENEFITS You may be eligible for benefits if you are a Veteran of any branch of the military. This information will be discussed during the Pre-Service Academy. 23

24 TUITION REIMBURSEMENT DOC will reimburse up to 75% of up to 6 credit hours a semester, not to exceed $2,200 per fiscal year, of job related courses if all guidelines are met. 24

25 PAY FOR PERFORMANCE An employee who meets standards on their annual Performance Appraisal can earn a raise distributed bi-weekly over 26 pay periods. An employee who exceeds standards on their annual Performance Appraisal can earn a raise distributed bi-weekly over 26 pay periods. 25

26 CASH SPOT BONUS Get caught going above and beyond what is expected and you could be rewarded with a Cash Spot Bonus from $100.00 to $1,000.00. You could be eligible for one of these awards as quickly as 6 months after being hired. 26

27 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Each facility is like its own little city. DOC provides careers in custody, education, investigation, fire safety, maintenance, religious services, psych services, substance abuse, recreation, medical services, and many more! 27

28 Emergency Operations (E.O.) 28

29 Who is Emergency Operations? Supplemental staff involved in emergency control, search, apprehension and contraband control within the Department. K-9 units are utilized along with outside agencies for missing persons, searches of schools and demonstrations throughout the state. K - 9 U n i t s 29

30 Emergency Squad: Specialized trained staff prepared to act in an emergency under stressful circumstances and conditions. E-Squad help quell situations that begin suddenly and spread rapidly. They help regain order before damage to property and injury to staff and offenders can occur. Who is Emergency Operations? E-Squad 30

31 Who is Emergency Operations? S E R T Special Emergency Response Team: Specially trained and equipped personnel with the expertise in entry tactics, precision weapons, hostage rescue and high security transportation. These teams were developed to help and assist other Emergency Control Units. 31

32 Situation Control: Specially trained teams based at facilities to conduct negotiations during hostage situations or requiring the use of negotiation skills. Who is Emergency Operations? S I T C O N 32

33 Critical Incident Stress Management: Staff that provides assistance to employees, that in the course of their work, may be involved in a critical incident. CISM allows staff a forum for repressed emotions resulting from involvement in a situation and an opportunity for education in these matters. Who is Emergency Operations? C I S M 33

34 The Indiana Department of Correction is looking forward to providing you with a career that’s right for you! 34

35 You have now completed this section of the Indiana Department of Correction “New Employee Orientation” Please advance to the next module. 35

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