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Nat Turner By Kayley Smith.

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1 Nat Turner By Kayley Smith

2 Background Information
Born on October 2, 1800 Born in Southampton County, Virginia Property of Benjamin Turner (plantation owner) Mother and Grandmother were brought to America from Africa Master’s son taught him to read Had deep religious beliefs He believed God had chosen him to help his people get out of slavery

3 Important Dates In 1831, he was sold to Joseph Travis
February 1831: He saw an eclipse as a supernatural sign from God to start a revolt August 21, 1831: Him and 7 other slaves killed Joseph Travis and his family to launch the rebellion Him and the slaves went on a murderous spree on the countryside

4 Nat Turner’s Rebellion
About 50 whites were killed He had hoped this would cause a massive slave uprising But only 75 had joined his rebellion Over 3,000 members of state militia were sent to deal with the rebellion More than 100 innocent slaves were killed

5 The Execution This was widely published in newspapers
Nat Turner went into hiding 6 weeks later, he was captured On November 11, 1831: Nat Turner was executed Before being executed, he described his actions to Thomas R. Gray, who published “The Confessions of Nat Turner” This was widely published in newspapers

6 The Impact This rebellion led to many blacks being murdered by white mobs Slave owners became more strict Slaves became even more limited on what activities they could do

7 Bibliography Who2, LLC. “Who2 Biography” April <> Simkin, John. Spartacus Educational. 28 April <>

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