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Nat Turner.

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1 Nat Turner

2 General facts Nat Turner was born into slavery
He was around 5 ft 7 inches Born 1899 Died November, at the age of 31 He was very religious since he was young and had “visions” He ran away once but returned a month later because he had a vision

3 Rebellion Turner started a rebellion on August 21, 1831
The rebellion ended with about 56 white deaths and about 55 black deaths Turner’s rebellion had the most deaths in an uprising before the civil war A group of slaves went house to house killing the white people and freeing the slaves In total the rebellion included about 70 slaves

4 Rebellion cont. It lasted about 48 hours
16 people including him were caught and hanged After the uprising military troops were sent into the area and killed up to 200 slaves to make sure there would be another uprising.

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