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The Causes of The Civil War – John Brown’s Raid, Election of 1860.

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1 The Causes of The Civil War – John Brown’s Raid, Election of 1860

2 John Brown’s Raid: In 1859, John Brown and his followers seized a federal arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia. (above) Interior view of the engine house at Harpers Ferry during the siege. Brown wanted to arm slaves and begin revolt against masters. (left) John Brown in August, 1859.

3 Engine house at Harpers Ferry. Marines storm the engine house. Commanding officer – Robert E. Lee

4 Brown was caught and sentenced to death by hanging. (below) Brown being carried from court to prison. (above) Brown as a wounded prisoner after his capture.

5 (above) The hanging of John Brown. (below) Brown's grave in North Elba, New York Last Moments of John Brown (painting by Thomas Hovenden)

6 Nat Turner’s Rebellion August 21, 1831 Nat Turner was a slave in Southampton County, Virginia Was a preacher In 1831 he had a dream about leading a revolt against plantation owners in Virginia Over 70 enslaved and free blacks were involved Killed between 55-65 Virginians, the highest number of any slave uprising in the South The rebellion was stopped within a few days, and Nat Turner was captured 2 months later and hanged

7 Nat Turner’s Rebellion In the aftermath there was widespread fear and white militias were organized to retaliate 56 slaves were executed Across the South state legislatures passed new laws prohibiting education of slaves and free blacks, restricting rights of assembly and other civil rights for free blacks

8 Gabriel Prosser’s Rebellion Enslaved blacksmith who planned a large rebellion in Richmond in the summer of 1800 Information about the rebellion was leaked before it could take place, so he and 25 other followers were captured and killed In reaction, Virginia and other southern states passed restrictions on free blacks, such as prohibiting education, right to assemble, hiring out slaves, all to restrict their ability to plan other rebellions Would have possibly been the biggest rebellion in America

9 Election of 1860: Main Candidates Abraham Lincoln (Republican) Stephen Douglas (Northern Democrat) John Breckinridge (Southern Democrat) ‘Fire-eaters ’ John Bell (Constitutional Union) * Lincoln won the election. South Carolina’s response – secession convention


11 Objective: To examine the immediate causes of the U.S. Civil War. Do Now: Use the map below to answer the following questions. Which party won nearly all of the northern states?__________________________ Which party won nearly all of the southern states?__________________________ What percentage of the popular vote did the Republican party receive?__________ What percentage of the electoral vote did the Republican party receive?_________ Who was the candidate for the Constitutional Union party?___________________ Which states did he win?_______________________________________________ Southern Democrats Republicans 40% 59% John Bell Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee

12 In response to Lincoln’s victory, the southern states seceded from the Union in 1861, forming the Confederate States of America. Secession: Original Confederate flagEventual Confederate flag

13 Jefferson Davis was named the president of the Confederacy.

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