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UNIT 10 LESSON 14 THINGS TO HAVE HANDY Comfy shoes cause there's a lot of travel today Sunscreen because North Africa is HOTT.

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1 UNIT 10 LESSON 14 THINGS TO HAVE HANDY Comfy shoes cause there's a lot of travel today Sunscreen because North Africa is HOTT

2 PA STANDARDS & OBJETIVES STANDARDS 8.4.7.A: Summarize the social, political, cultural, and economic contributions of individuals and groups in world history. OBJECTIVES Define the term “Vandal” and talk about its modern meaning. Explain the history of the Vandals.

3 We talked about two barbarian tribes. What were their names? A. Vandals & Huns B. Angles & Saxons C. Visigoths & Ostrogoths D. Ciaramellas & Radios

4 The Visigoths and Ostrogoth's both came from modern Poland. Both moved south due to bad weather and lack of food. The Visigoths headed for the Danube River while the Ostrogoth's went to the Black Sea

5 Both groups became farmers and traded with Rome but were not citizens. In 300 AD The Huns pushed both groups into the Empire. Rome used the Visigoths as a barrier between them and the Huns. The Romans mistreated the Visigoths. In 410 the Visigoth Army sacked Rome under Alaric They settled in Spain and ruled until 711 AD when the Moors invaded.

6 The Ostrogoth's admired Rome and were used by the Eastern Empire to rid Italy of the Huns. The Ostrogoth's under Theodoric took back Italy and ruled. After the death of Theodoric the Eastern Empire wanted Italy back and waged war against the Ostrogoth's. After 20 years the Ostrogoth's were defeated and exiled to southern Austria where they vanished from history. The next group we are going to talk about lived up to their name….


8 The Vandals came from Poland (like the Goths) They may have come from either Demark or Sweden originally but no one is sure. The Vandals, like the Goths, were pushed south by bad weather and lack of food. Later they were pushed west by the Huns and ended up in Gaul (modern France)

9 VANDALS STARTED HERE Stopped her until the Huns pushed them west 406 AD VANDALS DESTROY EVERYTHING IN THEIR PATH

10 Have you ever heard/used the term “Vandal”, “Vandalism” or “Vandalize”? If so what does it mean or conjure up in your mind. Take the mic or type in chat



13 1.Where did the Vandals in history begin? A. Spain B. Rome C. France D. Poland

14 The Vandals lived up to their name. They destroyed everything in their path The next moved into Spain But they were going to be called into Africa to fight for a Roman governor. He would soon regret this!


16 80,000 Vandals, the largest crossing of barbarians over water, moved from Southern Spain to North Africa. The Roman governor tired to call them off but it was too late. The Vandals laid siege to the city of Hippo (in modern Algeria) After capturing this important city they moved onto Carthage, the greatest Roman city in North Africa

17 Carthage HIPPO

18 The Vandals, under their king, Geiseric (Guy- sir-rick) became the ruling power in North Africa. They began to mint their own coins and became a nation of pirates, feared by all, even the Eastern Roman Empire.


20 In 455 A.D, the Vandals sailed to Rome and the city asked them just to take what they wanted. They looted it of it’s treasures, including as the legend says, the artifacts from the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. No one is sure if that last fact is true or not


22 The Vandals ruled North Africa until 533 A.D. The Eastern Empire, under Belisarius, defeated the Vandals and took the last Vandal king, Gelimer, back to Constantinople. The rest of the Vandals either vanished into the North African population or left for the kingdoms of the Visigoths or Ostrogoth’s. The Vandals have vanished from history (minus their name)

23 TRUE or FALSE The term “vandalism”, “vandal”, and “vandalize” do not come from the barbarian tribes name. The Vandals traveled into North Africa and set up a kingdom.

24 2. The Vandals, under King _________ sacked Rome in 455 AD A. Alaric B. Theodoric C. Attila D. Geiseric

25 3. The Eastern Empire under __________ took back North Africa and sent the last Vandal king__________ to Constantinople A. Attila & Alaric B. Theodoric & Justinian C. Belisarius & Gelimer D. Malloy & Burns

26 We will talk about the last of our barbarian tribes, the feared HUNS! We will also talk about our next project and the following day learn what we are to do. Until then, have a great day and watch out for Vandals!!!

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