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The Western Empire Collapses

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1 The Western Empire Collapses
Section 3

2 7.1.1 Study the early strengths and lasting contributions of Rome (e.g., significance of Roman citizenship; rights under Roman law; Roman art, architecture, engineering, and philosophy; preservation and transmission of Christianity) and its ultimate internal weaknesses (e.g., rise of autonomous military powers within the empire, undermining of citizenship by the growth of corruption and slavery, lack of education, and distribution of news).

3 Background Knowledge At its height, the Roman Empire was the largest empire the world had ever seen. However, it was an empire weighed down with problems. In about 509 B.C the Roman overthrew their king

4 Rome’s Internal Weakness
Diverse Population Culture Language Little or no loyalty to Rome

5 Expanding Citizenship
Citizenship – membership in a political community that bring rights and responsibilities Did not solve economic problems

6 Economic Problems Corruption – using a position of trust for dishonest gain Gap between rich and poor Taxes

7 Social Problems Latifundia - wealthy estates which were self-sufficient “mini-towns” that raised their own food and hired guards to protect themselves Poor became tenant farmers, army or outlaws Cities were longer the center of Roman life

8 A Weaker Army Foreign recruits Not as loyal as earlier troops
Less effective fighting force

9 Threats from Outside the Empire
Threats on the eastern border of the Western Empire were over whelming.

10 Barbarian Invasions Huns A.D. 370 Attila Central Asia Fierce horsemen
“the Scourge of God

11 Barbarian Invasions Attila A.D.430 “the Scourge of God”
Invaded Gaul and Italy

12 Barbarian Invasions Visigoths Ostrogoths Germanic Tribes
In 378, 40,000 Roman casualties In 476 forced out last emperor Ostrogoths Germanic Tribes

13 Barbarian Invasions

14 New Germanic Kingdoms Autonomous – self-governing kingdoms
Franks and Burgundians Gaul Visigoths Spain Ostrogoths Italy Respects traditions of the republic 27 B.C. becomes Augustus

15 New Germanic Kingdoms Respects traditions of the republic 27 B.C. becomes Augustus

16 New Germanic Kingdoms Clovis - king of the Franks who defeated the last Roman army in Gaul and the Visogoths Frankish kingdom eventually became France and Belgium Respects traditions of the republic 27 B.C. becomes Augustus

17 Why Did Rome Fall? Internal weakness Christianity Economic / Social
Decline of slavery Christianity Barbaric invasions Respects traditions of the republic 27 B.C. becomes Augustus

18 Why Did Rome Fall? “Roman civilization did not die a natural death. It was murdered.” Respects traditions of the republic 27 B.C. becomes Augustus

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