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Rome is attacked on all sides!

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1 Rome is attacked on all sides!
Barbarian Invaders Rome is attacked on all sides!

2 Outsiders  During the Roman era there were groups of people who were not part of the Roman Empire living in Europe. Many of these groups, called tribes, lived in the far north. Others lived in various parts of Europe not occupied by the Roman Empire or in Asia.

3 Barbarians The word “barbarian” is said to come from an imitation of someone speaking gibberish. (“bar-bar” is like our “blah-blah-blah”). The word “barbarian” came to mean “uncivilized”. Barbarian tribes were considered uncivilized because they did not settle down and farm. Instead, they preferred a roaming, warlike lifestyle.

4 Conflicts with the Romans
Due to climate changes, food shortages and enemy invasions, many tribes began to migrate closer to the Roman Empire. Sometimes they even settled within the borders of the Empire. This eventually led to conflicts between the tribes and the Romans.

5 Playground Fight The situation in Rome was much like a fight on a school playground. In a playground fight, you can usually hold your own against one other person. However, when your enemy brings 5 friends to the playground with him you’re gonna get JUMPED! Rome had a strong, powerful army. However, with barbarians attacking from all sides, she was often overpowered.

6 Lots of Enemies! Goths Huns Visigoths Ostrogoths Vandals Burgundies
Alans Franks Lombards Jutes Angles Saxons

7 Rome is sacked. Two barbarians tribes sacked the city of Rome.
For years, the Romans paid the Goths so they wouldn’t attack. When they stopped making payments, the Goths attacked Rome in 410 AD. The Vandals are credited with destroying the city of Rome in 455 AD. (Consider how we use the words vandal and vandalism today. How do you think we arrived at those terms?) Once the city was destroyed, it was only a matter of time until the Western Roman Empire fell.

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