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Slide: 1 5.5-12 kVA Generating Sets FG Wilson Small Generating Sets 5.5 - 12 kVA Features and Benefits.

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1 Slide: kVA Generating Sets FG Wilson Small Generating Sets kVA Features and Benefits

2 Slide: kVA Generating Sets Introduction FG Wilson’s range of small generator sets is ideal for emergency back-up power in small offices, shops and domestic properties

3 Slide: kVA Generating Sets Features Kubota 3 cylinder engines are used in this genset range Alternators are supplied by MECC ALTE – A global leader in the field Diesel powered with low and high speed offerings Fully bunded base frame with 8 hour fuel capacity Full bund basetank for environmental protection Compatible with standard transfer panels Radiator fill access point on canopied models Robust Fully welded construction Set mounted exhaust system 50% Anti-freeze – (protection up to 36 ºC) Lube oil drain pump Single point lift Water-cooled

4 Slide: kVA Generating Sets Performance 50 Hz PrimeStandby K6-1S5.56 KH6-1SN/A6 K8-1S78 KH9-1SN/A9 50 Hz PrimeStandby K8-179 K KH8-178 KH12-1N/A12 Single Phase3 Phase

5 Slide: kVA Generating Sets Control Panels Access 1500 control panel as standard Auto start capable Lockable vandal cover Run /off/auto/switch Overspeed protection Underspeed shutdown High coolant temperature shutdown Low lube oil pressure shutdown Digital hours run meter Fail to start

6 Slide: kVA Generating Sets Slide: kVA Generating Sets Enclosures Sound attenuated enclosure Hold downs incorporated into base Recessed emergency stop Fuel fill to be accessed via lockable door Fully lockable with common key Protection access rodent access Lift off canopied doors Air outlet by vertical discharge Radiator fill access point

7 Slide: kVA Generating Sets Options Sound attenuated enclosure Wall mounted transfer switch Canopied silencer mounted with air discharge box Mobile trolley kit CEE form sockets

8 Slide: kVA Generating Sets Benefits Excellent maintenance access Fully lockable with common key for extra safety & security All canopied models fitted with radiator fill access point as standard for improved service access Full set of operation & maintenance manuals, wiring diagrams and commissioning/fault finding instruction leaflets All equipment carries full manufacturers warranty with extended warranty terms available Extensive range of features for easy servicing and maintenance, all serving from one side allowing generator to be placed against a wall Lift off doors for easy access Compact design with low package envelope increases ease of transportation and installation Compliant with EC 2000 noise directives Compliant with ISO standards Tough and dependable technology proven in the field Experienced technicians on hand to help

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