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Come on a tour with me! To... Washington, D.C. The Capital of the United States of America Click here to continue!

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1 Come on a tour with me! To... Washington, D.C. The Capital of the United States of America Click here to continue!

2 Before we begin… Just a few things you should know! You may exit the program at any time by clicking on the little red door in the bottom right hand corner. All words or phrases that are underlined are links. Also, when you get a “hand” you can click there to to take a different path. underlined hand If you click on a link that is on the Internet, you will need to click on the “x” in the upper right hand corner to leave the Internet and to return to this program. Click on the flag in the lower left hand corner to go to the main menu.

3 Main Menu Monuments and Memorials Explore the famous monuments and memorials located in Washington, D.C. Buildings and Places Examine magnificent buildings and sites of interest History Investigate the beginnings of our nation’s capital Famous People Discover our Founding Fathers and our famous Presidents Click on the pictures to enlarge them!

4 Next Federal CityFederal City (as it was originally called) is a great place to visit! Although it may not look like much if you are comparing the size of the District of Columbia to California or Texas. This 69-square-mile area is the headquarters of the United States government, and the home of embassies representing more than 130 countries around the world! Did you know that a little over 200 years ago cattle grazed on what is now the Mall Area, pigs roamed the streets, and snakes and mosquitoes were everywhere? That’s right! Our nation’s capital was a swamp land! Wow, it sure has changed. Today, Washington DC is a grand city that has visitors from all over the world. Kings and Queens, government leaders, business leaders, and 19 million tourists (people just like you!) come to visit our capital every year! Can you locate Washington, DC on a map? It’s that little spot on the East coast bordered by Marylandon the north and Virginia on the south. Have you ever been to Washington, DC?

5 The city of Washington, DC was design by a Frenchman named Pierre L’Enfant over 200 years ago. Although his city design is one of the world’s most famous, L’Enfant died in poverty (that means that he was very poor). The city is in the shape of a rectangle with the Capitol building at one end (think of it as a hub of a wheel). Four spokes come out of the Capitol at right angles, dividing the city into 4 sections. The spokes are North Capitol Street, South Capitol Street, East Capitol Street, and can you guess the 4th? No, it’s not West Capitol Street. It is a grassy area called the “Mall”. These main streets divide the city into 4 quadrants of Northwest (NW), Northeast (NE), Southwest (SW), and Southeast (SE). All street signs have these abbreviations on them. This makes finding your way around much easier! Want to know more about Pierre L’Enfant? Click on his picture!


7 Guess What? Washington is not the only capital city our country has ever had! New York and Philadelphia were also capital cities. George Washington, our first president chose the land for Washington. Click here to visit Philadelphia! Free Fact! Back to previous page

8 Our Founding Fathers and American Presidents Signers of the DeclarationSigners of the Declaration Signers of the Articles of ConfederationSigners of the Articles of Confederation Signers of the ConstitutionSigners of the Constitution Presidents


10 Memorials and Monuments Presidential Memorials War Memorials Many monuments and memorials are located in and Around Washington. These structures serve as reminders to us all..They remind us of great presidents and horrendous wars. They also remind us that “Freedom is not free.”

11 Are you sure you want to quit? Did you investigate the beginning of our nation’s capital? Did you discover our Founding Fathers? Did you examine the magnificent buildings and sites of interest? Did you explore the famous monuments and memorials located in Washington, DC? Yes! I’m finished! Congratulations! See you next time! No. I’m not finished. Go back to the Main Menu. Return to directions.

12 Tourist map of Washington Click on the map for a better view. Go to previous slide

13 Trying it out, were you? Yes! It does work! Click on the arrow to return to where you were!

14 Thanks … for joining me on the tour! Creator: Scarlet A. Davis Hypermedia in Instruction Dr. Dick Reidl May 2, 2000 Click on the flag for a surprise! Click here to start all over!

15 Lincoln Memorial Washington Monument Jefferson Memorial Roosevelt Memorial Kennedy Memorial To War Memorials Presidential Monuments and Memorials

16 War Memorials Vietnam War Memorial Korean War Veterans’ Memorial To Presidential Memorials

17 The Capitol The White House Arlington Cemetery National Zoo Ford Theater Library of Congress The Smithsonian MuseumsThe Smithsonian Museums Buildings and Places

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