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Dictation Exercises Forming Yes-No Questions 1 by Don Fisher.

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1 Dictation Exercises Forming Yes-No Questions 1 by Don Fisher

2 Directions Change each sentence to make a yes-no question. Example: He is good. Is he good?

3 Labor Day is in September. Is Labor Day in September?

4 Washington is on the dollar bill. Is Washington on the dollar bill?

5 Alaska is the largest state. Is Alaska the largest state?

6 Canada is north of the U.S. Is Canada north of the U.S.?

7 The flag is red, white, and blue. Is the flag red, white, and blue?

8 Memorial Day is in May. Is Memorial Day in May?

9 Washington was the Father of Our Country. Was Washington the Father of Our Country?

10 New York City was the first capital. Was New York City the first capital?

11 Lincoln was President during the Civil War. Was Lincoln President during the Civil War?

12 Freedom of speech is one right. Is Freedom of speech one right?

13 Adams was the second President. Was Adams the second President?

14 Washington, D.C. is the capital. Is Washington, D.C. the capital?

15 Mexico is south of the United States. Is Mexico south of the United States?

16 The American Indians were here first. Were the American Indians here first?

17 There are 100 Senators. Are there 100 Senators? Are there one hundred Senators?

18 Independence Day is in July. Is Independence Day in July?

19 Washington was the first President. Was Washington the first President?

20 The White House is in Washington, D.C. Is the White House in Washington, D.C.?

21 Columbus Day is in October. Is Columbus Day in October?

22 There are fifty states. Are there fifty states? Are there 50 states?

23 Great!

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