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An Example of Drawing Hard Rock Room and Pillar in MineSight ©2012 Dr. B. C. Paul Note – The screen shots in these slides come from the program MineSight.

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1 An Example of Drawing Hard Rock Room and Pillar in MineSight ©2012 Dr. B. C. Paul Note – The screen shots in these slides come from the program MineSight developed by Mintec. Many of the operations demonstrated herein can also be found in Mintec training courses. Appropriate credit to the software developers is given.

2 What I Will Draw I will be drawing a grid of 50 ft wide openings with 50X50 pillars. The mine workings will have 3 levels, each 30 ft high. –The top level will advance with jumbos –While the lower levels will be taken out as benches.

3 The Approach I will develop a gridset I will snap an edit grid to the gridset at the top of my room and pillar openings I will set my snap to the edit grid I will draw in centerlines for my entries as polylines snapped to the edit grid I will use opening templates with the polylines to guide them I will use an intersect solids tool to merge drives and cross-cuts.

4 Create My Gridset I will highlight my Gridsets Folder I will right click to drop down a menu On the menu I will pick New On the side menu this opens I will Highlight and left click Gridset (Note I am issuing a command to MineSight to create a Gridset)

5 It Wants Me To Name That Gridset Since my gridset will be planer I Will name my gridset “Planer Gridset” and then click Ok

6 It Wants Me to Define My Gridset Parameters I want the Grids to be Planer I want cells to Be 100 X 100 (my entries Will be on 100 Ft centers) I want control Of my levels Every 5 ft over The 240 ft Thickness of My limestone. Click Ok to Make My Gridset

7 There is a Bunch of Gridsets Note that 240 ft Of thickness looks Almost like paper Over an area of 10,000 X 10,000

8 Now I Will Go For An Edit Grid to Control the Center Lines of My Entries I will attach my gridset to the view Select the level of the top of my workings Snap an Edit Grid to the level of the Gridset Attach the Edit Grid to the viewer to control the drawing.

9 I Will Click on the Pretty Green Box to Attach My Gridset to the Viewer

10 Now It Wants to Know Which Gridset Select the gridset (ie highlight and left Click) Then left click Ok

11 Left Click the N-E icon to set the View to look down on a Horizontal Plane

12 Now Choose the Plane for the Top of the Room and Pillar Entries The little blue Lined box Is the plane Selection List drop Down.

13 The Menu Drops Down My grid is built up from 0 and my target rock Is 240 ft thick. I will leave 20 ft of sill At the top and start Mining so I will pick 220.

14 I Will Next Set My Viewer to 2D Mode so I Can be Sure of Picking the 220 Level for My Edit Grid Click the 2D icon to Shift the viewer to 2D Mode (otherwise there are A bunch of planes and I can’t be sure I will Lock the Edit Grid To the right one).

15 I Will Now Snap an Edit Grid to My 220 Plane Left Click the Select Edit Grid Icon

16 I Will Now Set the Viewer to My Edit Grid Left click the set Edit grid to viewer Icon.

17 With The Gridset Turned Off I Can See My Edit Grid Locked on the 220 Level in 2D We will now set Our snaps to Snap to the edit Grid and will start Drawing polylines To represent the Center of my Room and Pillar Entries.

18 Set Snap to the Edit Grid Left click Snap to drop The menu Move the curser over Edit Grid Snap to Highlight Left Click to select the Option.

19 Set Up An Open Edit Object Where My Entry Centerlines Will Be Stored

20 Using the Polyline Menu Choose to Create Polylines My polylines will Run at the center And top of my Entries. Later I will attach A template with the Shape of the entry To the guide Polylines I am Creating.

21 Left Click the Point for Starting an Entry

22 Go to the End of the Entry and Left Click Again

23 Right Click Your Mouse to Complete that Line Note that the line turned red.

24 Draw In My Room and Pillar Grid

25 Then Left Click MineSights Weird Save Icon

26 My Next Move I will select my entry centerlines to guide my entries and cross-cuts I will open the template editor and set a 50X90 ft rectangular entry I will create a surface of the openings by attaching the template along the polylines

27 I Will Tell MineSight I Am Going to Select My Centerlines to Guide My Entries

28 I Will Left Click on My Centerlines Note they turn orange as I click on them. When I am done I will Right click my mouse (the code to MineSight that I have finished what I was Doing).

29 Note That the Completed Selection Turns Red

30 We Will Now Use the Template Editor to Put In Tunnels Around those center lines

31 Select a Rectangle As Our Template

32 Set My Entry Size for 50X90 Note I have Set Entries as my open edit Object that will get these entries I have set my base point to the top

33 Now I Will Issue the Command to Attach the Template to the Polylines

34 The Template Attach Comes Up But It Is Grayed Out At first glance it is a work Duplicating pain in the Butt, but MineSight allows you to select A big group of objects on which A bunch of tasks will be done And then select subsets for Individual tasks. In less friendly terms for our task Its going to make us reselect our Centerlines. Left Click Reselect

35 I Reselect My Lines and Right Click the Mouse Oh Cool! The Attach Template Box Is Alive!

36 I Can Click Preview to Make Sure I’m Going to Like This When I’m satisfied I can click Apply

37 There is a Wire Frame of My Room and Pillar Entries

38 I Can Change That Wireframe to Faces Highlight Entries Right Click For a drop Down menu Pick Object Properties On the General Tab Of Object Properties Left click the Faces only Radio button

39 We Can Also Create A Single Merged Surface





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