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Smart Board Tricks and Tips Ann Zier & Jen Miller October 13, 2014.

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1 Smart Board Tricks and Tips Ann Zier & Jen Miller October 13, 2014

2 How to Create a Link  Go to the Top Menu  Click on the Star and pull down for picture to create link  Right click on the picture  Select Link on drop down menu  Options are webpage, page in file, file on this computer, current attachment  We’ll do webpage  Open the Internet browser  Type in website address  Example:

3 How to Create a Link (continued)  Select address and copy  Go back to opened SmartBoard file  Paste address  Click object (it’s easier to touch the entire object/picture rather than touching the corner.)  Click OK

4 How to Link a YouTube Song  Do a YouTube search  We’re doing “The Learning Station”  Select song  Right click and copy on picture  Go to the SmartBoard file  Right click and paste picture  Right click on picture  Link and back to YouTube video.  Click on video to open, copy address, back to SmartBoard file and paste in address box  Click on Object icon and click OK

5 How Do I Put a Video in a SmartBoard Lesson?  First you have to convert the videos to a file in order to use it for the SmartBoard!  Open the video (you need to use Chrome)  Right click on the menu bar  Save video as  Choose the folder you want (My document videos, tech fair)  You can create your own folder  Create title and click save

6 Inserting Video (continued)  Your file saves as a MPEG-4 file and we need to change it!  Change to FLV file and save  Go to Format Factory on Desk Top (or search for it) and open  Video is on top  Click on icon FLV  Right click add file  Go to My Videos where you saved it  Select video and open  Click OK at the top right  Click to start at bottom

7 Inserting Video (continued)  You will see the conversion  Click Output folder on top Left  It should look like a cone next to original video  Go back to the SmartBoard file  Go to the insert menu at top  Select video  Go to the folder you selected and you should see the orange cone with the file  Select file and open  And now it’s in the SmartBoard file! It’s ready to play!

8 Color Sort SmartBoard Project  Open a Word document  We are creating a Word table, which makes it easier for students to manipulate rather than creating a SmartBoard table. Another option is to google a blank table and copy and paste it into SmartBoard.  Insert table  We sorted 4 colors, so it’s a 4x6 table  Right click on the table  Click on Table properties  Highlight row and change to.7 inches  Highlight cell and click on bottom

9 Color Sort (continued)  Type in words, change the font and size to meet your needs  Save the document as a template  Highlight and copy the table  Open the SmartBoard file  Paste the table on the SmartBoard page  Click on Shapes at the top menu  Highlight and click on triangle

10 Color Sort (continued)  Right click on the triangle  Click on the infinite cloner  Left click on the triangle and you’ll see the infinity sign   Left click and pull off triangles  Repeat for other shapes (we used circles and squares)  Right click on triangle and highlight properties  Click on fill effects on menu on left  Select solid fill and pick colors you’ve highlights in the table  Repeat for other shapes  Save the SmartBoard document and now you’re ready to sort!

11 Animal sorting  Open a Smartboard document.  Using the menu bar at the top of the page select the shape tools.  Click on the circle now the color tab appears. We are going to use the fill color. Select green.  Now go now to the page of the Smartboard and using your mouse create a green circle for the zoo animals.  Repeat and use the color red for farm animals.  We are going to place the circles next to each other.  So the circles do not move during the activity we are going to lock them.  Select the object and click on the arrow and choose lock and then lock in place.  repeat

12 Animal sorting (continued)  Open a Word document  We are going to insert pictures of animals.  Go to the insert tab and choose online pictures.  Type in different types of animals. I am going to choose zoo and farm animals.

13 Animal Sorting (Continued)  Once you have the pictures you want. We are going to right click each picture.  Select one picture at a time. Right click the picture and select cut.  Select your Smartboard file and right click the page and select paste.  Repeat for all.  Move the animals to side so they are not on the circles.  You will have to resize the animals.  Select the object and go to lower right hand corner and place you courser there decrease the size of the picture.  Now right click the pictures one at a time and select infinite cloner.  Now each picture will copy each time a person selects the item.  Now you are ready to model how to sort animals by were they live. The zoo or the farm!

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