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Running MSOPIT for Assignment #6 These Slides are Base on MS3D version 4.6 which was current in Sept. of 2009 Note – These slides contain concepts also.

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1 Running MSOPIT for Assignment #6 These Slides are Base on MS3D version 4.6 which was current in Sept. of 2009 Note – These slides contain concepts also found in Mintec training courses. The slides contain screen shots taken from the program MineSight produced by Mintec Inc.

2 Inputing MSOPIT Screens This must identify the name of your Block model that has been prepared For MSOPIT These screens can be left as is

3 Picking Your Surface File This one must identify the Name of the file 13 you Prepared for MSOPIT These fields can all be left as 0 For now. 0 refers to the undisturbed Surface which is where an Ultimate pit starts from.

4 Have the Computer Calculate the Value of Each Block Left click on the calculate value radio Button For the output report on block value Intervals a number of 5000 works well For the copper moly mine being Considered.

5 Tell Which Variable In the Block Model Says How Much of the Block is Made of Rock Pick the variable That contains The information These are optional Inputs – Leave them alone

6 Set Minimum Value for Rock to be Processed The values shown here work Ok for output parameters except You need to put in the minimum Value that a block must have Per ton to break even on Processing costs. This may Require some calculation, Estimation, or picking on your Part.

7 Input the Economic Parameters for the Mill This is your Mill process Cost (comes from Your Assignment And may Differ from That shown Here)

8 Continuing the Mill Input This is where Your ore Mining cost/tonne Goes and your Ore specific Gravity. (these Values come From your Assignment and May differ from The illustration Values here)

9 Input the Cu and Mo Values Copper and Moly values Should be the Value in Concentrate form. These values Are calculated From the copper And moly price Less the cost To produce a Finished product. For Copper this is Copper cost minus The cost of Smelting and Refining. Your values may differ From those shown here

10 Input Your Recoveries This is the Percent Of copper and Moly recovery At the mill. The numbers To use are Provided in Your assignment And may differ From the values Shown here.

11 Input Other Data as Shown Here Left click apply

12 Input for Your Pad Leach Your mining And Processing And specific Gravity values Come from Your assignment And may differ From the Example. Your recovery Also comes From your assignment

13 Input the Copper Price Copper price is The value of Copper in Solution. It is The selling Price of copper Minus the cost Of solvent Extraction and Electrowinning Given in the Assignment. (Your value may Differ from that Shown here)

14 Input the Dump Leach Screen Click apply When done

15 Input the Worthless Dump Screen

16 Leave the Costs and Discounting Screen Alone This screen is used for mining whole benches From the top down as in a quarry. By leaving The factor equal to 0 the program knows You are not executing this option.

17 Enter Your Ultimate Pit Slope Pick a constant slope for this Assignment Enter the over-all slope as indicated In your assignment (your value my Differ from the one shown in the Example).

18 Pick Learch-Grossman for the Method of Finding the Ultimate Pit Pick base which means Show me one pit based on The constraints and Economics given. Pick Learch-Grossman from The drop down menu Accept the other defaults On the page.

19 Tell the Computer Which Surface to Put the Pit Surface Out to. The 0 surface is the undisturbed Pit surface. The input here Selected pit 1 for the ultimate pit Surface, but you know in the Next assignment you will create 6 stage pits so you can put the Output on surface 7 if you want. You can accept The defaults on Everything else.

20 Leave the Audit Screen As Is

21 Set My Output Options Each block of ore will go to a Destination – identify the variable In your block model where the Destination is to go. (This will Depend on the names you gave To variables in your block model) Do the same thing with where you Want info to go on value of each Block and the value per ton of the Rock it contains.

22 Give Directions for the Report Pick a headline for the report Output Pick a file extension for the output (this enables you to keep a bunch Of reports without over-writing)

23 Tell The Computer to Run the Routine Left click file Pick run procedure

24 After the Procedure Runs Set Up the Display Create a New model View with The data manager

25 It Asks for a Name for the Model View

26 It Also Wants Me to Pick My Project Control File (my file 10)

27 It Wants to Know What File I Want I Model View for I’m want my File 13 so I Can see my Finished pit Surface. Left click the File Then left click Ok

28 I’m Going to Select Making Model Views for All My Surfaces

29 Now I’ll Open My Model View to See that Final Pit Surface I pick my surface (for me I output The surface to Pit 1 but you Might have Picked pit 7 or Some other Surface) I right click to Pop up a menu And then I Left click on Open.

30 Here is My Surface I have colors Set for different Elevation but My elevation Colors look real Screwy.

31 I’m Going to Debug that Color Mess For the surface I’m working Right click to Pop up the menu Then left click on properties

32 Here Is My Problem I’m displaying My final pit Surface but my Color cut-offs Are based on Topog which is My original Undisturbed Surface. Left click the Blue list box (I’m going to Pick the right Surface to base My color coding Off).

33 Up Comes My List of Surfaces Since I’m trying To display the Pit 1 surface, I point and left Click pit 1 Then I will left Click Ok

34 Now That Looks More Like It Now I’m Maneuver And take my Screen shots For the Assignment.

35 To Run My Floating Cone I Need to Go to the Design Strategy Screen I pick floating cone from the Drop down menu I put in a reasonable Minimum size for the pit Bottom (if it makes a Pointy bottom pit I’ll have A tough time getting my Truck in there) I’ll also want to change some of my output Headings and also the report extension so my New run does not over-write my Learch- Grossman report (because I have to turn in Both reports)

36 Eventually I’ll Also Have to Try the Run the Costs Increasing as the Pit gets Deeper Go to costs and discounting and Check costs vary by bench Note one more screen comes to life (is not grayed out)

37 Go to That New Screen Note I have separate cost increases for Ore and Waste (not surprising since we may very well be using different sized Trucks going to different destinations)

38 Set the Range of Benches to Be Affected Select the range of benches to be affected. (In this case we will Select the full range of benches)

39 Set How Much Extra Cost We Have at the Start of the Range In our case we have no initial extra cost so we choose zero. (If I were doing something liking adding 3 cents per bench down To bench 20 and then I wanted to starting adding 5 cents per Bench after that I would have to have an extra 60 cents to start With when I started with bench 21)

40 Set the Cost Increase Per Bench I Go Down Now I put in the cost increase I get for each bench I get Deeper.

41 If I Wanted to Have Different Rate of Cost Increase for Different Bench Intervals I could Left Click Add to put in a new interval Of course I won’t be doing that for this assignment

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