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Help Us Fight Hunger in Los Angeles County! In this economic downturn, underutilization of the CalFresh Program means lost dollars and empty plates for.

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2 Help Us Fight Hunger in Los Angeles County! In this economic downturn, underutilization of the CalFresh Program means lost dollars and empty plates for local residents.

3 What is CalFresh? (formerly known as Food Stamps) CalFresh Program is a Nutrition Assistance Program that helps low-income individuals and families buy the food they need for good health. The Program is the cornerstone of the Federal food assistance program and provides crucial support to needy households. A person who is approved to receive CalFresh benefits is issued an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT ) card, just like an ATM card, to purchase food at various supermarkets, grocery stores and farmers’ markets.

4 CalFresh promotes better Health through Nutrition Low-income Californians are at greater risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. CalFresh can help ensure access to healthy foods. This lowers the risk for serious health problems.

5 CalFresh increases the household’s food buying power CalFresh improves the nutrition of people in low-income households. It does that by increasing their food-buying power, so they are able to purchase the amount of food their household needs. For example, some Farmers’ Markets offer matching funds for produce purchases, so $5 in CalFresh benefits might provide an extra $5 to spend on fruits and vegetables at the market.

6 EBT Cards are accepted at some Farmers’ Markets To find a Farmers’ Market in your area that accepts CalFresh:

7 CALFRESH PROGRAM BRINGS FEDERAL DOLLARS TO THE COMMUNITY The CalFresh Program generates economic activity by bringing federal dollars into communities in the form of benefits which are redeemed by CalFresh participants at local stores. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Services (USDA-FNS), it is estimated that every $5 in new CalFresh activity generates $9.20 in total community spending, or for every CalFresh dollar, an additional 84 cents is generated to the local economy.

8 CalFresh Underutilization Increasing CalFresh participation among eligible households continues to be a priority for DPSS. The department has been aggressively partnering with public and private agencies, exploring and implementing various outreach strategies. One our biggest challenges is convincing those who desperately need assistance to apply because of their fear of being stigmatized.

9 YOU CAN HELP! Make CalFresh information part of your work; Promote CalFresh by educating clients, partners, collaboratives and stakeholders about CalFresh; If you are an advocate and would like an outreach worker at your site, please contact Rosueta Rodriguez at (626) 312-6165; and Help your family members, friends, neighbors and clients fill out an application online. (

10 OUTREACH ACTIVITIES DPSS Outreach Eligibility Workers visit and perform outreach at: Community and Senior Services (CSS) Worksource Centers Hospitals Farmers’ Markets Health Clinics Schools Soup Kitchens Food Pantries Community Events Fairs Various non-traditional settings DPSS has existing collaborations with many other County Departments, including CSS/Department of Children and Family Services. We also participate in the monthly meetings facilitated by the Public Social Services Commission, in which representatives from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Administration attend.

11 Who can get CalFresh benefits? Generally, you may be eligible for CalFresh if you: Have limited income or no income; Have limited property; Are a U.S. Citizen or legal permanent resident. Under a new CalFresh rule change, bank accounts and other resources are no longer counted in determining eligibility to the program.

12 What information will be requested of an individual and their family? You will be asked to provide the following: Identification; Social Security Number (SSN); and Proof of income.

13 CalFresh Eligibility Criteria Eligibility is determined by the household composition The CalFresh Program has several eligibility criteria Categorical Eligibility – If you receive CalWORKs benefits, you are automatically eligible to CalFresh

14 CalFresh Income Limits Income Limits –A two-step determination: 1.Gross Income Test 2.Net Income Test: Adjusted Net Income is all earned income minus allowable deductions

15 Gross and Net Income Limits Household SizeGross LimitsNet Limits 1 $ 1,180$908 2 1,5941,226 3 2,0081,545 4 2,4221,863 5 2,8362,181

16 United States Citizen Qualified Non-Citizens Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) Asylee Refugee Cuban or Haitian Entrant Sponsored Non-Citizens CalFresh is for legal residents of California that meet the eligibility requirements. Citizenship or Eligible Non-Citizen Status

17 Excluded CalFresh Household Members Certain persons cannot get CalFresh because they fail to meet one or more of the eligibility criteria, such as: Ineligible non-citizens SSN Disqualified Social Supplemental Income/State Supplemental Payment Recipients Ineligible Students Convicted Drug Felons

18 How To Apply Online at: ( At the nearest DPSS district office to your home Non-Traditional Sites Outreach Partners locations OR You can apply today! The Health and Nutrition Mobile Unit onsite accepting CalFresh and Medi-Cal applications.


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