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FALL ORIENTATION 2014: FALL ORIENTATION 2014: Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations for Student Leaders.

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1 FALL ORIENTATION 2014: FALL ORIENTATION 2014: Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations for Student Leaders

2 Fall Orientation Facilitator Orientation Session Welcome Police Record Checks Overview of Role and Responsibilities Group Break-Out

3 Objective of Session Understand the purpose of Fall Orientation Understand your responsibilities as an Orientation Leader Understand the University’s expectations 3

4 YOUR ROLE Position Structure Day by Day Elements of Being a Facil Walk Home Process Carleton University Safe Space Policy Mandatory Fall Training Session: Friday August 29 th all day 4

5 Why have Orientation Programs? 5

6 Ease tension/anxiety involved in a major life transition Learn the campus culture Create a sense of belonging Develop a focus Acquire the information to thrive in a new environment Become familiar with new academic expectations and the “life of a student” 6

7 The first year student you see…. 7 CALM COOL COLLECTED

8 What’s really going on…. 8 Will I fit in? Are there people like me here? How will I make friends? What are University students like? Did I make the right choice of University? Do I have what it takes to succeed in University?

9 The Transition Process 9

10 10 Reflecting on the Transition Process

11 R&R: Charter of Responsibilities I will not: a)Consume illegal drugs. b)Consume ANY alcoholic beverages (FOR THE ENTIRE DURATION) c)Promote alcohol consumption amongst new students. d)Purchase alcohol for ANY student. e)Engage in fraternization or sexual activity with student(s) registered for Orientation Week f)Encourage or participate in any form of physical, verbal, or sexual violence/assault or harassment against ANY student g)Fail to immediately report any actions taken by people participating in Orientation Week who have contravened the above (e) or (f). 11

12 R&R: Charter of Responsibilities I will not: h)Engage in any act, language or behaviour that portrays academic endeavours or the learning environment at Carleton University in a negative light i)Engage in any language, act or behaviour that are defined as sexist, racist, homophobic or offensive as stipulated by Carleton’s Human Rights Policy, and the Safe Space Policy. j) Promote any external organizations, businesses or outside activities (including, but not limited to: fraternities, sororities, non-university affiliated clubs and organizations, political parties or agendas, private parties, bars, nightclubs, and other social engagements that are not directly a part of the orientation events). 12

13 R&R: Consequences A violation of any item identified above will result in immediate removal and participation from Orientation Week activities (Shirt Pulling). ZERO TOLERANCE. In addition, a violation may require further follow-up in the form of a judicial hearing with the Director of Student Affairs. 13

14 Priorities Moving Forward Comprehensive definition of Safe Space (from the Orientation Volunteer Training Committee) Volunteer shirt guidelines Police Record Check Process – all volunteers must submit documentation in order to receive their shirt this year. Better inclusion of off-campus students 14

15 Expectations (con’t) Here’s what CU’s expectations are for our Fall Orientation leaders: Adherence to the Charter of Responsibilities (your contract) Positive role modeling - the right type of leadership You are a CU Ambassador; people are watching & you need to give the right impression Recognize and respect don’t abuse your power Challenge or at the least, identify inappropriate acts Respect yourselves; respect the incoming first years 15

16 Our Missions CommunityPassionFun 16

17 Questions? 17

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