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Link Crew.

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1 Link Crew

2 What is Link Crew? Link Crew is a grade nine transition program. Link Crew is a leadership training program. Link Crew is a school community building program.

3 Link Crew is a grade nine transition program.
Preparation Link Crew Leaders attend feeder school visits in spring Link Crew Leaders host the Grade 8 tour day in May Link Crew Leaders personally invite the incoming grade 9s to orientation on the first day of school Orientation Link Crew orientation is phenomenal! Students are welcomed and wow-ed!!! Orientation is a combination of opening and closing assemblies and a small group session of students led by 2 Link Crew Leaders Yearlong Support Leaders will provide social and academic support for the grade nines throughout the school year A combination of structured and leader initiated follow-ups will provide the opportunities for students to establish relationships with their peers

4 Link Crew is a leadership training program.
Link Crew Leaders will be trained in team building activities, cooperative skill development, and discussion skills Students that participate in Link Crew become leaders, motivators, role models, and teachers

5 Link Crew is a school community building program.
Link Crew has an impact on Nelson School Climate Link Crew is about building relationships and encouraging participation Link Crew changes the relationship between the grade nines and their new school as well as the relationship between the Leaders and their school. Link Crew sets the tone for the entire year not only for the grade nine class, but has an impact on the whole school community. Link Crew’s success is dependent upon the Leaders’ abilities to model what they want their school to be.

6 Balloon Frantic

7 How Link Crew supports…
Students: Excites grade 8 students about coming to Nelson Creates a safe and welcoming environment Reduces student anxiety as they transition from elementary to secondary school Provides opportunities for grade 9 students to establish peer relationships within the school community Connects each grade 9 student with a Link leader who will serve them as a mentor and a friend for the year Help to familiarize students with the physical building Introduce students to Nelson school culture Help students to achieve academic success with Link Crew follow ups Model the way for grade nines to become leaders in the school Encourage student participation through follow up events Help to increase student belongingness

8 How Link Crew supports…
Staff: Promotes feelings of self-confidence and reduces anxiety in students making them better prepared for learning Help students to achieve academically by becoming acclimatized to Nelson Help to reduce absenteeism by making Nelson a safe environment Encourage grade nine students to get involved in extra-curricular activities Exemplify good leadership skills for other students in the school

9 Who we are looking for? Qualities we are looking for in Leaders are:
strong communication skills interest in helping others accountable to show up through all phases of the program during the year willing to take risks dedicated has respect for diverse ideas and personalities enthusiasm

10 We are especially looking for:
The student who shows up to class everyday on time and takes the initiative to find out what they missed so that they can get caught up when they have been away. The student who gets in there to help out others, or selflessly volunteers without looking for reward. Often these kids go quietly unnoticed. A good mix of both male and female students. A mix of students that represent various aspects of Nelson extra-curriculars.

11 We are not necessarily looking for:
The overly energetic enthusiastic student. While enthusiasm is important, we are also looking for the quiet leader who leads through example.  The overachieving academic student. Nothing wrong with great marks, but it doesn't necessarily make a strong leader and remember that not all entering grade 9s will relate to the high achieving student. We are looking for a variety of positive Nelson role models. The student who is involved in about a dozen clubs at Nelson. We don't want students who are so overbooked that they are not able to take on the yearlong commitment to LINK.

12 We need approx. 80 leaders based on the number of incoming grade 9s.
We need your help finding the right kids!!!

13 Thank you for your support!!!
Recommendation Forms Questions & Answers Thank you for your support!!!

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