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Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace Duties, Responsibilities, and Rights of Employees.

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1 Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace Duties, Responsibilities, and Rights of Employees

2 Policy Statement Roanoke City Public Schools will not tolerate the possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs by its employees in any job related context and is committed to the eradication of such substances from the workplace. The handling of illegal drugs by its employees, in any situation, whether in or out of the workplace, will not be tolerated.

3 Policy Applies To…. All Roanoke City Public School Employees

4 Prohibitions Unauthorized use of Rx drugs. Abuse of legal Rx or non Rx drugs that impair ability to perform job. Refusal to submit to testing. Having an odor of alcohol during the work day, in a school board vehicle, in any vehicle when on school board business.

5 Just Don’t Use Consumption Sale Distribution Possession Of alcohol or any controlled substance on school board property is prohibited, when engaged in school board business or at any time you are participating in any activity involving students.

6 Exceptions Prescription Drugs, taken according to Rx guidelines. Alcohol at conferences, after hours of conference. Cannot interfere with ability to attend conference.

7 Criminal Charges/Convictions All Employees If charged or convicted of a drug-related felony or criminal offense, the employee must notify immediate supervisor.

8 Employee Assistance Early recognition and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse is essential to successful rehabilitation. The Occupational Health Nurse or the Executive for Human Resources will provide referral to an employee assistance professional to assist the employee with alcohol or drug abuse problems.

9 Removal From Duty Refusal to be tested. Confirmation of positive test. Involvement in accident requiring testing. Establishment of Reasonable Suspicion. Indication through behavior, speech, or performance of alcohol or drug misuse. Investigation of alleged violation.

10 Reasonable Suspicion Employee directed to submit to testing. Employee told reason for testing. Employee told refusal to test is refusal to obey direct order and grounds for dismissal.

11 Call the Office of Human Resources We will come to your work site and escort the employee to the Employee Health Clinic Do not allow the employee to drive If tested positive, the employee will be driven home. Protocol for Suspicion

12  The employee will be tested for drugs and alcohol  Consequences:  EAP Referral  Mandatory Leave with Fit for Duty  Termination Protocol Continued

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