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Central High School New Student Orientation Welcome to the tribe!

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1 Central High School New Student Orientation Welcome to the tribe!

2 Outline for the evening Registration procedures for tomorrow How to read your schedule Closed Campus Guidelines Nutrition Bell schedule, attendance, and tardies Activities and Athletics College readiness

3 Registration Will begin at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning and continue until 4:00 p.m. Access the East Parking lot to the Main Entrance. –ID Photos will be taken ($10 Activity Fee). –Obtain student schedules. –Yearbooks and parking passes can be purchased at this time. –$55 for a year book (discounted rate for registration. –$10 for a parking pass.

4 Your Schedule Your Name Here2012-2013

5 1 st Semester 2 nd Semester Your Name Here

6 Period of the Day “A” and “B” days are our block days where students will have four 88 minute classes. “C” days are our traditional 8 period days where our students will have eight 44 minute class periods. “A” days are Monday and Wednesday “B” days are Tuesday and Thursday “C” days are on Fridays

7 Period of the Day Monday & Wednesday (A) Tuesday & Thursday (B)Fridays (C) PeriodClassPeriodClassPeriodClass 1World Geography1Strength Training1World Geography 2Comp. Graphics 2 2Sports Marketing3English 4Geometry 3English3Health5Strength Training 6Sports Marketing 4Geometry4Physical Science7Health 8Physical Science

8 Your Name Here Hathaway Course TeacherRoom Number

9 Bell Schedule

10 Closed Campus Guidelines Campus will be closed to all freshmen and sophomores. Students will have lunch from 10:56-11:39 or 12:29-1:12 M-Th and 10:56-11:34 or 11:45- 12:23 F. For those eating from the cafeteria the students will use their ID number just as in Junior High.

11 Nutrition Money can be added to their account via the internet. See the Nutrition Services website at If you set up a reoccurring payment you can by pass the fees associated with the transactions. Parents can track what is bought for lunch and in what quantities.

12 Miscellaneous Student accident insurance is offered through United Health Care. (Forms can be found on the each principal’s homepage.) Lockers will be checked out on the first day of the semester. Students will choose their locker partner and then they will be issued a locker number and combination.

13 Attendance Most important piece of school success! By School Board Policy: “Upon the 11th absence per class, per semester, the student will continue to be enrolled in the class or classes on a NO CREDIT status.” This does not count for school related absences such as athletics or activities. It does count for both excused and unexcused absences.

14 Attendance (cont.) Please know when your child is sick…please keep them home. If your child hits the 10 th absence, we will determine credit based off of the circumstances at hand. The idea behind the policy is for students not to skip class. The idea is not to send kids to school sick.

15 Attendance (cont.) Parents will be notified daily upon students missing class via phone as well as in writing on the 3 rd, 6 th, 9 th, 10 th, and 11 th absences in any one course. 3 tardies will equal one unexcused absence. If you are late more than 5 minutes the tardy will be marked as an unexcused absence.

16 Activities and Athletics Activities –36+ Activities to participate in. Athletics-(We have a no cut policy.) –Fall Football, Volleyball, X-Country, Tennis, Golf, Girls Swimming & Diving, Cheerleading, and Dance. –Winter Basketball, Wrestling, Boys Swimming & Diving Indoor Track, Cheerleading –Spring Outdoor Track, Soccer, Golf

17 College Readiness 18 AP Courses currently offered at Central. Make an appointment as soon as possible with the Career Center, located next to the grade level offices. Colleges look for: –Community service –Grades –Activities and athletics –Challenging courses on transcripts

18 College Readiness For Hathaway specific questions please email or call your student’s counselor using the information below or from the school website. Becky Schumacher-Wade, Terry Styskal, or Jeff Norman Phone 771-2680 Email Email Email

19 Important Dates to Remember Orientation begins at 8 a.m. tomorrow. First day of football practice was August 6 th. It is not too late to get involved just make sure you have a physical. First day of fall practice for all other sports began today. First day of school is August 28 th at 7:45 a.m. August 24 th is the first home football game vs. Sheridan.

20 Dr. Steve V. Newton –Principal 771-2680 Mr. Brian Cox (Courage Office) –Associate Principal (A-G) 771-2694 Mr. Fred George (Pride Office) –Asst. Principal (H-N) 771-2690 Mrs. Kristen Siegel (SpiritOffice) –Asst. Principal (O-Z) 771-2692 Administration

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