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The Great Potato Disguise

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1 The Great Potato Disguise
3rd Nine weeks project Due Friday February 15th

2 Materials 1 regular baking potato 1 Index card
Various art supplies/materials Paper for writing Writing utensil

3 General Instructions (same for all classes)
Your project assignment is to disguise a potato. You may not cut or poke holes in your potato to disguise it, but you need to somehow make it appear to be something other than a potato. Give your potato a job and dress it to look like that job. (Most jobs are acceptable: for ex. Clown, teacher, musician, etc.)

4 General Instructions cont.
Dress it in a costume, add different things to it, do whatever you like, but it should NOT look like something you will have for dinner when you are finished. Be sure to include an index card telling us the name of your potato and its job (VERY IMPORTANT) ---After you have decided what your potato will be, then you must write about it.

5 Type of Writing Follow project handout
Type of writing is designated by your class period If you lose you handout see me-do not get it from some in another class period—you will be completing the WRONG project

6 Examples Baseball player

7 Beauty pageant winner

8 Clown

9 Doctor

10 Donovan McNabb

11 Football player

12 Ice skater

13 Knight

14 Lawyer

15 Lifeguard

16 Nanny (takes care of children)

17 Record producer

18 Santa Claus

19 Surgeon

20 Teacher

21 Tracy McGrady

22 The End You have tough graders so work hard, have fun and BE CREATIVE!!

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