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Choosing and Reading Recipes

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1 Choosing and Reading Recipes

2 Recipe Recipe: Set of instructions for preparing a specific food.
Recipes can be found in cookbooks, magazines, newspapers and appliance manuals Recipes can also be found on-line Searching for recipes can help you plan and prepare healthy meals

3 Understanding Recipes
Learning to use a recipe accurately is the key to good meals. Using recipes helps you in achieving success and even allows you to create your own recipes.

4 Good Recipes Clear and Concise
List ingredients in order which you will be combining them Ingredients: food items needed in order to make the food item in the recipe Amounts should be easy to measure

5 Good Recipes Con’t Directions and handling procedures must be complete
Baking and cooking times, temperatures and sizes need to be accurate State the yield Yield: the number of average servings the recipe will make Many will include nutrition information

6 Steps to Reading Recipes
1. Read the entire recipe carefully before you start to cook. Make sure you have all the ingredients and utensils on hand. Make sure you have enough preparation time to complete the recipe. 2. Note any abbreviations used in the ingredient list. Be sure you understand what each one means. 3. Before you start measuring and mixing, gather all ingredients and cooking utensils you will need. 4. If your recipe states to preheat oven, turn the oven on before you begin to cook!!

7 Recipes Con’t Successful Results:
For successful results, follow recipe directions exactly. Measure the exact amounts of each ingredients. For the best flavor and appearance, accurate timing is important. Follow cooking and baking times as stated in the recipe.

8 Assignment Complete Reading a Recipe worksheet
Answer the questions on your OWN sheet of paper Do NOT write on the worksheet Turn in when you are finished Continue working on Terms crossword

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