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1 Verbs

2 Action Verbs An action verb is a word that names an action. It may contain more than one word. It may have a main verb and a helping verb. In which part of a sentence will you find an action verb?

3 Let’s find some verbs… V V V V
Many children finish their homework before dinner. Some students work on projects every night. Before bedtime, they read for 30 minutes. Mothers review spelling words with their children. V V V

4 Objects of Verbs The object of the verb is a noun that follows an action word and answers the question who or what. Example: The lion ate his trainer. Does every sentence have an object? Example: The lion roared.

5 Let’s find some objects…
Johnson threw the football to the end zone. He caught the pass. The Bills scored a goal. The team won the game. Obj Obj Obj

6 Verb Tenses The present tense names an action that happens now.
Ex. The runners race around the track. The winner breaks the tape. How is the present tense formed?

7 Verb Tenses The past tense names an action that already happened.
Ex. The teams played baseball yesterday. Pettitte pitched for the Yankees. The rain ended the game.

8 Let’s Practice… teaches puts gives takes copy
Use the correct form of the verb in the present tense. Mr. G ____________ Social Studies to the class. (teach) The student _________ her homework on the desk. (put) She _________ her homework to Mr. G. (give) He __________ the homework from all the students. (take) They ___________ notes from the board. (copy) teaches puts gives takes copy

9 Helping Verbs When you have a simple predicate of more than one word, one word is the main verb and the other is the helping verb. Ex. Susie cried. Susie has cried for ten minutes. Susie has been crying for hours.

10 Linking Verbs A linking verb does not show action. It links the subject of a sentence with a noun or adjective in the predicate. Ex. My sister is a dancer. Her classes are fun. The recital was wonderful.

11 Let’s Practice… ____ __ ___ _________ _ __
Find the verb. Is it action or linking? Is there a helping verb? Tracy studied in a clown school. Her teachers were clowns. She paints her face blue today. It has been painted yellow, too. Her nose is round and red. Clowns are cheerful. ____ __ ___ _________ _ __

12 Irregular Verbs How do we form the past tense of regular verbs?
Irregular verbs do not follow any rules. Ex. The carnival ride runs slowly. The carnival ride ran slowly. The carnival ride has run slowly. run ran (has, have) run

13 Let’s Practice… Chose Chosen flew flown spoke spoken drank drunk
Choose Fly Speak Drink Bring Go do flew flown spoke spoken drank drunk brought brought went gone did done

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