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Turkey in Disguise.

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1 Turkey in Disguise

2 ‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving,
When all through the forest, There was a young turkey, Whose first name was Morris. This turkey was happy, He played all the day, Till he got some bad news That took all that away.

3 It seems that a farmer, Who lived on the hill, Was looking for Morris A young turkey to kill, And eat for Thanksgiving. A juicy delight! And hearing this news Gave Morris a fright!

4 He had to do something To save his dear life. So his kids wouldn’t miss him As well as his wife. A disguise might be good To hide him away. He’d try almost anything On this very sad day!

5 So he gave it some thought Started using his thinker.
Came up with a costume. What a cute little stinker! You’d never have known him! I promise! It’s true! Now show how he looked. It’s all up to you!

6 Problem…You are a turkey and about to become Thanksgiving dinner!
Solution…Disguise yourself so you won’t be discovered and become the main dish.


8 “I am NOT a turkey, therefore, I should not be eaten on Thanksgiving Day!!!”



11 Suggestions for disguise…
construction worker fire fighter ballet dancer football player Astronaut super hero doctor artist farmer teacher race car driver scientist lifeguard clown

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