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Multiple Intelligences STONE MOUNTAIN MIDDLE SCHOOL April 17, 2008 Presented by Dr. Kenneth J. Rometo.

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2 Multiple Intelligences STONE MOUNTAIN MIDDLE SCHOOL April 17, 2008 Presented by Dr. Kenneth J. Rometo

3 What is Intelligence?

4 Is it measured by what score you make on a test? IQ?

5 At some schools, by psychologists and some teachers and administrators, that is exactly how intelligence is measured? Historically, ours included.

6 What is Multiple Intelligences?

7 Per Howard Gardner (1979) Frames of Mind It is the ability to solve problems. It is the ability to fashion a product. It is the ability to make culturally relevant contributions to your community. And it is an ability to identify a new challenge and to pursue it.

8 Intelligence Definition- intelligence means our ability to learn But Multiple Intelligences explains how we learn

9 It’s not how smart we are, it’s how we are smart.

10 Steven J. Gould said “We pass through this world but once. Few tragedies can be more extensive than the stunting of life, few injustices deeper that the denial of an opportunity to strive or even to hope by a limit imposed from without, but falsely identified as lying within” Would you want your area of interest or talent to be considered unimportant or wrong? HOPES, DREAMS, AND TALENTS

11 Did you realize? Children are directly affected by our expectations of them.

12 EVERYONE is smart in some areas and weak in others. Students experience greater self experience when we teach to their areas of strength.


14 The Eight Multiple Intelligences Visual/Spatial Logical Mathematical Bodily Kinesthetic Naturalist Verbal/Linguistic Music/Rhythmic Intrapersonal Interpersonal

15 They can be grouped based on Analytic, Interactive, and Introspective

16 Visual/Spatial Thinks in 3-D Pictures in Mind Great Imagination Hand-eye relationship Design/color

17 Visual/Spatial Occupations Sailors Sculptors/painters Engineers Pilots Designers Architects Surgeons Famous People L. DaVinci Picasso Frank Lloyd Wright Bobby Fisher

18 Logical/Mathematical Reasons Analyzes Uses Logic Uses Numbers Problem Solving Sees Patterns

19 Logical Mathematical Occupations Mathematician Scientist Accountant/Banker Inventor Detective Engineer Programmer Famous People Albert Einstein Stephan Hawking Thomas Edison Carl Sagan John Dewey

20 Bodily/Kinesthetic Activity/motion Hands-on Experimental Manipulate Participate Body Language

21 Bodily Kinesthetic Occupations Athlete Dancer/Performer Physical Therapist Coach Famous People Wayne Gretzky Michael Jordan Babe Ruth Michelle Kwan Tiger Woods Charlie Chaplin

22 Naturalist Nature Classification Flora/Fauna Patterns Environment Sorting Memory

23 Occupations Biologist Zoologist Artists Environmentalist Landscaper Game warden Famous People Charles Darwin John Audubon Meriwether Lewis Carl Sagan E.O. Wilson Naturalist

24 Verbal/Linguistic Reading/Writing Debate/Speech Word Puzzles Spelling/Vocabulary Languages Listening

25 Verbal/Linguistics Occupations Writer Speaker Teachers Actor Attorneys Politicians Talk show Hosts Famous People Abraham Lincoln Tom Daschle Jerry Seinfeld Martin L. King T.S. Eliot Hemingway Charles Dickens Barach Obama, FDR Sir Winston Churchill Jay Leno, Bill Maher

26 Musical/Rhythmic Singing Playing instruments Rhythms/beats Composing Sound Pitch

27 Musical/Rhythmic Occupations Composers Conductors Singers DJ Producer Musicians Famous People Paul McCartney Mozart, Toscanini Luciano Pavarotti Igor Stravinsky Billy Joel Beethoven, Bach

28 Intrapersonal Self-Reflection Journaling Emotional processing Concentration Focusing

29 Intrapersonal Occupations Psychologists Clergy Elite Athlete Author Philosopher Explorer Famous People Socrates Emily Dickinson Sigmund Freud Marie Montessori Plato Mary Lou Retton

30 Interpersonal Cooperative Groups Collaboration Sensing/intuiting Uses Feedback Empathy

31 Interpersonal Occupations Teacher Salesperson Social Worker Minister Doctor/Nurse Psychiatrist/Psycholog ist Famous People Maria Montessori Zig Ziegler Helen Keller Billy Graham/MLK Ben Carson Dr. Phil

32 Review Verbal/Linguistic Logical/Mathematical Musical/Rhythmic Naturalist Visual/Spatial Intrapersonal Interpersonal Bodily/Kinesthetic Word smart Logic smart Music smart Nature smart Art smart Self Smart People smart Body smart

33 Multiple Intelligences Everyone has all eight of them There are many ways to be smart within any ONE intelligence They are not isolated With work, MOST people can become REASONABLY competent in ALL of the 8 intelligences

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